Movie channels needing help in subbing or transcribing

Yes we were thinking of creating a new tab where we will list the ones that aren’t accessible anywhere.
And yes we have to PM the CMs it’ll make our work way easier if we can know directly where it’s accessible or not.

It’s more clear! Thanks!

I only tried my country (in the normal way) and one other major country (with vpn).
However vpn is not 100% infallible. We need the feedback of someone who actually lives there in order to confirm.
As Aurelia said, we will obviously remove the ones who are not accessible to anybody. As we removed from this list here (and from the Google doc) the two that were pointed out by cgwm808 and marykarmelina.

  • To give more visibility to the list and get the answer, because we got to obtain confirmation from people that live in many countries and they got to come here, I think it would be easier to have directly answers from Viki.
    I think for this purpose, they could understand that we’re not planning to do something bad, but just trying to complete dramas and for that, we would need this info.

And of course, we won’t tell info like regions.
You could try to ask, who knows.

  • Making another list with ones that we can’t finish bec of restrictions would avoid new ppl taking some time to scroll down the topic to read the answers.
    And we can’t remember everything, at least, with this list, we’re sure that it’s written somewhere that we checked for these dramas or movies already and others won’t check a second time after you.
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Can I write on the spreadsheet if it is available in my region? I would like to help out in some way, but legally

Just one question, why is it only movies for French? For other languages, I see it’s also for drama, but on your sheets for French we can only list the movies. I think it should be better to add also dramas (even if I think the list would be long).

It’s juste that when I first created it I was thinking of the movies but then irmar suggested we add the dramas too. I just haven’t changed the form for french yet but it’s for drama and movies ! :slight_smile:

Very good idea!!! I’ve added a tab for those and added there the three titles I had removed.

Since we’re sharing the info on a public document, no, I suppose they wouldn’t want that.

Okay, great to know

I am in the US and the channel manager for the (old) drama La Dolce Vita which is now inaccessible to me. I think the viki directions about where the license is doesn’t prohibit us from mentioning something which was once licensed almost everywhere and now no one seems to be able to access. It’s not like I was told in advance the license would be lost. I just cruised by and voila found it was no longer accessible. I would like to believe viki is keeping the channel in case they get a license again someday.


The public document won’t refer to regions or reveal them, though Viki might tell you or Aurelia detailed info about it.
The info we can tell publicly would be more general:
Has it lost its worldwide license?

  • Yes? Not available for anyone, so keep it in the “no-recruitment possible” list.

  • No? Then keep it in the list of “recruiting”.
    If Viki happens to give more details on regions to Aurelia or you, then add the mention “Not available everywhere, check directly on the channel main page.” And keep the detailed info about regions for yourself.

There are titles on Viki they keep them though the licence is lost worldwide.

If we’re newcomers and we’re looking in a list of titles to contribute, a list that is cleaned from titles that lost the license worldwide would be more than welcome for them. It might be not perfect, yes.
For the team, they’d know the recruitment is not possible anymore and not watchable anywhere.

Later, Viki will inform again the team when the licence is back so we can reopen recruiting and completing it.

Or the other way is:

  1. You asking CM.
    CM asking Viki.
    CM telling you whether it has lost the worldwide lic.

  2. Or:
    You asking Viki to join as an English mod to complete translations or recruiting or dunno deleting timed comments. And Viki would tell you here the regions.

  3. I still prefer to take a chance and ask Viki directly while sending the list of titles both of you made. Then waiting for their answer.
    Plus, coming from you, Viki knows you mean no harm to Viki and you can keep the info they would tell you for yourself.

We’re just trying to find more volunteers, to complete dramas for viewers and they wouldn’t need to use bot.

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