Movie Watch Party - "The Dude in Me" Tonight, Nov. 11, 7 PM Eastern


We will be skipping our usual Thursday afternoon watch party, but we are looking for suggestions for the next option for Sunday, October 24 at 1 PM Eastern time. So far the suggestions include:

Splash Splash Love
Gogh, the Starry Night
Ending Again
The Best Ending (Based on reviews, it appears as though this one has a ‘first’ season not found here on Viki, but it also sounds like you can watch this one as a stand alone and still be okay. Anyone know about this?)
Grand Prix (This is a movie option)

If you have any others you’d like to suggest, go ahead and do it here, and then we will put up a poll to make a final decision.


I definitely want to do

Bow and Kiss - but we might have to wait until November for that one
Bow and Kiss

Refresh Man
longer one would need a couple days

I will add some more when I have some time to see what is on my MDL and what is available on VIKI


Are you looking for something special?


We like the shorter eps! We seem to like Japanese - but no!

We did Incurable Case of Love
Well Intended Love
Definitely Not Today
May Dec Couple
Kiss Goblin
Pet in Dali Temple


Nothing in particular. Just anything that anyone wants to suggest as a watch party. Up until now, we’ve kept it on the lighter side, and shorter eps and less total eps makes it easier, but none of those things are a prerequisite.


Movie - Jazzy Misfits! It is freaking hilarious! It is definitely the seedier side of life but oh so good! It has English subs. I am still fixing the timing but it is not too far off. We could watch it.

It’s a Viki standard pass


I checked my list short, short eps, at Viki and maybe not watched by too many:

And a movie

This one is not as light


Those are some great suggestions! Thanks.


Wed 3:30 is on my list - and In House Marriage would be fun.


How about danger Less detectives?


This one is on-air right now -

Some short Japanese Romantic Comedies


I’ve watched A Virgin Woman of Literature and thought it was good. Some reviewers thought the ending was confusing but it would be thought-provoking for a watch party. (My 2 cents worth).


I’ve watched 4 Fated To Love You/You Are My Destiny dramas, in my notes I have that the Japanese version was my least favorite, I don’t remember why though. I think I keep watching the remakes hoping that the FL will be written better. I should just give up now. lol

I liked both A Virgin Woman of Literature and Takane and Hana (please don’t watch if you can’t get past their ages, she’s still in high school) I haven’t watched the other one yet.


We got a lot of great suggestions, so many that I won’t put all of them in the poll, but now we can go ahead and vote on what everyone wants to watch for this Sunday.

  • Splash, Splash Love
  • Gogh, The Starry Night
  • Ending Again
  • The Best Ending
  • Grand Prix (movie)
  • Jazzy Misfits (movie)
  • Wednesday 3:30 PM
  • I Started Following Romance
  • In House Marriage Love
  • Danger-Less Detectives

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I’m ok with Grand Prix and Wednesday 3:30 pm also! I’m ok with anything :laughing:


And here, all this time, I thought Grand Prix was about cars.


It turns out I will not be able to join the watch party on Sunday, so I went ahead and voted for one of the dramas that requires a pass because you won’t have to accommodate my pass-less self since I won’t be there. :joy:

@natyh will be hosting this particular watch party.

@sweetybirdtoo, @stardust2466_546, @eviell, @shraddhasingh do any of you have an opinion on what to watch Sunday? You can vote in the poll up above.

I know I might be missing some people who usually take part in Sunday watch parties, so if you think of anyone else to ask, please tag them.


This is just my opinion but I am totally cool with waiting for you to get your pass dear, if that is the reason you can’t join. Life is too short to rush through it. If you @my_happy_place have something you’d favor watching, please… let’s watch THAT! I feel like we are a group and we should all stick together to do these watch parties if at all possible. (Plus, I think as a group, we are really a fun bunch).

If you can’t join for another reason, please disregard this post and enjoy your Sunday.


That’s really sweet, but my absence on Sunday has nothing to do with my lack of pass. :blush: After that, it’s not too much longer until my keys to the rest of the kingdom will be in my hands. :joy:


Are we watching Splash Splash @natyh?

@my_happy_place we will miss you. I love splash splash so much if that’s the watch! So romantic!:sunglasses: