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what happens to those movies & dramas when the license is gone? do these places just archive or throw them out? or what, I have been looking for some dramas and just haven’t been able to find them . from Netflix,hulu, viki, and other links. so what happens to them? and if we wanted to watch them how can we get to watch them if they have mysteriously disappeared?

Every media library basically has a “vault”. When companies owning media revoke the sharing deals or the licenses expire, etc the media is then simply “put away” indefinitely… until if/when it is allowed to be shared again. This is true across all platforms. Viewers can only ask the companies to please re-release the media to their fave library, & wait. I do this often, lol as I have subscriptions to all of them. Stuff goes missing all the time. It’s especially bothersome when watching series, since you’re left hanging & can’t continue for months.

Eh well, lol I’m patient… ^-^

If these “medias” have vaults for these movies & dramas, to be sure they wouldn’t take one out for just one individual. right? I cannot believe all the movies & dramas we have missed? so ok I can understand that they have to put them away and all, so how do we ask them to bring some of those old ones out to view? I just want to watch some of them.

maybe a month view or something. but thank you for sharing that info. I am going to see if I can do something yeah all of them…

this is kinda P/SI found right here “Wonderful Moment” oh my goodness, a movie and a half! yeah dreams, reach that dream, oops sorry! but I didn’t even know this was even shown! and it is really good 2013, and this has been around. thats what I am talking about, these people hide them and us stupid people don’t know where to look( only me ok?) and he did this before the doctors! thats what gets to me.

so a lot of dramas have been dropped from both DF & Viki, weird. but I did see a couple of movies "wonderful moment, the other dont remember name, and they were from 3-5 years ago! again interesting

To reiterate, libraries have vaults, but they cannot release anything in them without ~permission from the content owners, aka “license”. Such permission can be on a recurring basis (renews every few mths or couple years) or a more limited length of time (smth may only be available for a week, month, or year) & can also be revoked at any time.

Requesting proves continued interest in general & helps to show the content owners that there is an audience for that media, & CAN make a difference in getting them to share it with your favourite library (for example, that’s how Viki gets ~dibs on many new series before they even begin airing: from requests). So the more votes, the better! ^-^

I was halfway thru School 2013 & To The Beautiful You, now they’re ~locked to the US, so I’ve requested them too! :yum:

Well.I am too much excited about the coming up movies and dramas.Now-a-days the site that is most visited by me,is dramacool.This is korean based platform with the great exposure of drama series and TV shows.

Please edit your comment, by “avertising” a streaming option you are violating Viki guidlines.

… and not legal.

another one, I know Viki had it a few months ago to a year. called silver spoon. was a Russian or German drama, police story stuff. tried looking for it today and nowhere to be found.

It’s Russian, license was sold, you can find out by whom online.

Go to the main page or, from any page, click on “Explore” Look at the top navigation bar.
You will see the very first item says “All Formats”. Click on it, there will be a drop-down menu. Choose “movies”.
Then go to the third item, which says “All countries”. Click on it, there will be a drop-down menu. Choose Korea (if you want).
Then you will see all Korean movies available on viki. They are not a lot, but there are some gems.
I heartily recommend
The Recipe

There are other good ones, but they are sad.
Unfortunately in Korea it seems that for a movie to be considered good it must be either a thriller or have a sad ending. Except for some silly slapstick comedies, all the others will leave you very depressed.

I have seen the recipe, that one was so good!

Help! I need the name of a movie I saw a couple years ago… There was this blind man who did not want anyone to help him at all. *of course he was rich and a business man. They hire him a girl who takes the job and stays no matter what. She is also afraid of the dark. So when the lights go out he helps here and a friendship/ romance begins. There is also also a fantastic back yard with ponds on either side of the deck…

He regains his site but keeps it from her for a bit… This is driving me nuts! Help!

I did find a couple of dramas, but not sure this is what you are looking for

  1. stairway to heaven
    2love me not
    3 angel eyes
    4someone like you
    5 *** the maid of the blind master
    6 close my eyes.
    yeah I hate it when I have seen a drama or movie years ago and want to see it again and don’t remember the title! I am still trying to find one as well. hope this helps anyway

I think it is this one.