Murderous Psychopath in Upcoming tvN Drama - Character Update


Psychopath Diary is a story about Yook Dong-shik ( Yoon Shi-yoon - “The Nokdu Flower”), who witnesses a murder. While fleeing the scene he gets into a car accident with Shim Bo-kyung ( Jung In-sun - “My Secret Terrius”), a neighborhood police officer. Dong-shik wakes with no sense of identity and presumes he’s the owner of the diary he finds, then begins to believe that he’s a psychopathic serial killer. Meanwhile, the real killer, Seo In-woo ( Park Sung-hoon - “Justice”), who works as director at the brokerage company where Yook Dong-sik works, grows increasingly nervous that the evidence of his crimes may be discovered.

Helming the tvN drama is PD Lee Jong-jae ( 100 Days My Prince ), and Ryu Yong-jae ( Liar Game , Time Between Dog and Wolf ), premieres in November 2019.



Interesting plot.
Hope Viki secures its license :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing the stills. I’m excited to see Park Sung-hoon cast as the psychopath. He was really creepy in “Justice”. :fearful:


Ooo, I’m totally watching this! Yoon Shi Yoon is one of my favorite actors. I enjoy seeing him play as different characters, and I want to see how he will pull off ‘psychopath.’


He’s a favorite of mine too . . . I’ll never forget Enrique in the panda bear pj’s, lol. It’s been almost seven years since “Flower Boy Next Door” aired.


I rewatched the panda scenes after you mentioned them, he is too cute there :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I also found a clip of him acting as the Italian mafia and speaking Spanish :rofl::rofl:
I watched him in Baker King Kim Tak Goo, Mirror of the Witch, Your Honor, and Flower Boy Next Door. I probably will start The Grand Prince soon after I finish the load of Chinese dramas I am currently watching


Oh I forgot all about the mafia bit :laughing:.
I still want to see “The Grand Prince” and his latest “The Nokdu Flower”.


Here is a throwback to his gangster days :rofl: well, he was kind of a gangster in Your Honor…



Thank you marykarmelina!!


yay an another Kdrama of Yoon Shi Yoon, I really like him as an actor since Baker King Kim Tak Goo, which is still my all time favorite Kdrama, if someone didn’t watch that one yet… go watch it. No idea if Viki still has it.

Hopefully Viki will get a license for this. As this has to be good because the writer PD’s have written some really good Kdrama before too.


I saw him in Baker King and he became one of may favs after that
Here it is on Viki, but it’s restricted for me:


For me as well :frowning:


Restricted for me too, can I mention . . . in the USA?


Absolutely loved Jung In-sun in “My Secret Terrius”!


Will the Real Psychopath Please Stand Up?!

Character stills of Seo In-woo (Park Sung-hoon - “Justice”) who is actually the psychopath and owner of the diary. Seo In-woo is the director of the stock trading firm where Yook Dong-sik (Yoon Shi-yoon) works.

Psychopath Diary is a Wednesday/Thursday drama that airs on cable network tvN in November 2019.

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I filled out the form–I hope Viki gets it!


Thank you. I hope so too.