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In all the years I’ve been on discussions (minus my hiatus lol) this is my 2nd thread ever! Woohoo!

Very random question I’m hoping I can get some insight from anyone in the music field. I feel safe to ask this here because I know I can get unbiased perspectives. Also, even if you’re not a musical genius but have good interpretation of beats/sounds/melodies you’re welcome to share your opinions!

There are two songs that came up for debate (on another platform) about whether or not they used the same sample(s). The debate is, are the two songs “just similar or is it pl@giarism”?

I’m only adding the instrumental versions so the lyrics aren’t distracting:

1st song, Waiting by WOODZ

2nd song, Ghostin’ by Kim Wooseok

Original version from the artists: :arrow_down:


Please let me know what you all think! :thinking:


They are definitely similar in written music.

  1. The first was posted up Oct 8, 2021.
    • They clearly stated the music is not theirs in the description.
  2. The second was posted up Mar 8, 2022.

It really falls back on who originally published this music, and there is no claim from either posters on that score.

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Oh! I forgot to mention that the artists do own their songs, I only just posted the instrumental versions. Meaning the ppl who posted those two clips aren’t the original producers. They just removed the lyrics and uploaded the beat.

Sorry, I forgot that detail. :laughing:
I’ll edit my post!


whatever it is, I’m enjoying the instrumentals. they do sound a bit similar but im not sure. maybe sampling and no plag?

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I thought that too. Maybe they used the same sample but it’s hard to tell. I have no understanding of the technical stuff involved in music making. My ears just tells me they have similar tempos. :laughing:

& Thank you, I’m glad you like them! I added the originals from the artists as well, if you’re interested. They have other good music too. I actually adore both artists.

yes sometimes it happens that they subconsciously compose the music they have heard before. But in this case i believe, it is sampling. WOODZ is a good artist and I have listened to him before. I guess it is sampling not plag otherwise it would’ve created quite a commotion.

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thankyou very much

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At the moment just the two fandoms arguing. I’m stuck in the middle since I like both artists. :sweat_smile:

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