Music from Finland


love this guy and the videos are STUNNING as well:


I didn’t even know they could speak German! I know a lot of German songs (mostly old ones), but I don’t think I heard this one ever before!

And here is a concert from The 69 Eyes at Tavastia-klubi, Helsinki:


Oh noo I do not know if I should laugh or cry
ABBA of German :sweat_smile::joy::cry::cry: :laughing: das klingt sooo schmerzlich nach Schlager :cold_face: my heart is Flash frozen… Fortunately, they didn’t continue :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: also with Schlager…
Lutra, Where can you find that? :joy::joy:
I don’t know how to get through the night now :grin:
I still can’t believe it😆


@gaby_heitmann_975 Damit du noch ein anderes Lied im Ohr hast. Wie du weißt, dass Internet vergisst nichts. Eine Freundin, mit der ich zusammen Gesangsunterricht nahm, stieß darauf, als wir uns Karten für Mamma, Mia besorgten und nicht wussten ob wir es mögen würden, denn das Musical ist ja auch auf Deutsch. Wir haben einige Lieder gelernt, sie den Sopran (Agneta) und ich den Alt (Frida).

@mirjam_465 The 69 Eyes sound good, I didn’t get to listen to the lyrics, but the sound is catchy for my ears. I like “rattling” guitars.
It’s strange but his voice reminds me of David Bowie.


Ich bin echt erstaunt grad :astonished:
Waterloo kennt man ja irgendwie und das Musical hab ich auch gesehen :joy: und ich kann mich nicht mal mehr dran erinnern, ob es auf deutsch war, aber muß es ja gewesen sein :face_with_hand_over_mouth: ne ist das witzig…man gut, das sie nicht auf deutsch weitergemacht haben… :sweat_smile:


I suddenly had to think of this performance of your own Dennie Christian in De beste zangers van Nederland, where he performed an Alice Cooper song:

Glad you like them. :slight_smile: I never thought of it, but I guess Jyrki’s singing style is indeed a bit like David Bowie’s.

I guess this is by far their most famous song. It has HIM’s Ville Valo on backing vocals:


I will be back tomorrow… Everyone sleeps well,
And sweet dreams :blush::sleeping::sleeping::astonished:But not from Schlager :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
Good Night all :blush::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hyvää yötä! (Goodnight!) :slight_smile:


Good night, me too, I am off … :zzz::zzz::zzz::zzz:


Huomiseen! (Bis Morgen!)

Oh, and maybe you already know the famous Finnish “screaming choir” Huutajat. Their name litterally means “The Screamers”.

Finland’s most famous composer:

Uniklubi (The Dream Club) with their song Kylmää (Cold):

Uniklubi again with Rakkautta ja piikkilankaa (Love And Barb Wire)

You already heard their song Huomenna (Tomorrow), but this time you can sing along:



Haha, good morning!
I didn’t know the choir but why does it give me a flashback to the book fairy I was 8(?) years ago?


Haha, it’s almost like they were inspired by Huutajat! :rofl:


Ich musste plötzlich an diese Aufführung Ihres eigenen Dennie Christian in De besten zangers van Nederland denken , wo er einen Alice Cooper-Song aufführte:
:joy: I can’t copy, I don’t know how :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

It’s almost like Heino, But it doesn’t sound bad :expressionless: :grin:

This sound is very good, It’s instrumental, Have they singers too?
Although it’s great even without vocals
Thank you :slight_smile: :ok_hand:


Select the part you want and wait till a gray area saying Quote appears. Click on Quote and the magic will happen! :slight_smile:

He even won the show! :sunglasses:


Is it right? Jhahaa thank you Mirjam :slight_smile:


Oh, and here’s the work of Finland’s most famous painter Akseli Gallen-Kallela:

And one to sing along:


I had to do a little searching and found the girls again

What a hip swing… Back to the sixties :grin:


They are actually Latvian :wink: , but it’s great! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I found the lyrics:

Tiesa, tiesa, ne meliņi, līgo, līgo
Vecu ļaužu valodiņa, līgo, līgo,
Vecu ļaužu valodiņa, līgo.

Jāņu nakti meitas gāja, līgo, līgo,
Raganāsi, vilkacēsi, līgo, līgo,
Raganāsi, vilkacēsi, līgo.

Jāņi, jāņi šovakari, līgo, līgo,
Kam tie Jāņi piederēja, līgo, līgo
Kam tie Jāņi piederēja, līgo.

Raganāmi, vilkacēmi, līgo, līgo,
Tām tie Jāņi piederēja, līgo, līgo,
Tām tie Jāņi piederēja, līgo.

Skrien, ragana, šķērsu gaisu, līgo, līgo,
Ne manāi sētiņāi, līgo, līgo,
Ne manāi sētiņāi, līgo.

Mana sēta dzelžiem kalta, līgo, līgo,
Adatāmi jumti jumti, līgo, līgo,
Adatāmi jumti jumti, līgo.

Adatāmi jumti jumti, līgo, līgo,
Izkaptēmi spāres celtas, līgo, līgo,
Izkaptēmi spāres celtas, līgo.

Adatāmi nosadurti, līgo, līgo,
Izkaptēmi nosagriezti, līgo, līgo,…


I didn’t get to listen to too many song the past 2 days … So late reply on this.

Haha, but his voice really suits the song.

Is this show the same as a French show, where musicians sing different songs, either they wanted to sing or other musicians or the moderator wanted them to sing? Is it something like that?


I don’t know the French show, but in this one there are a bunch of famous Dutch singers (of several genres, in that particular season we had an opera singer, rappers, Dennie Christian, a musical singer, a Voice Of Holland winner, etc.). Each episode one of them is the center of attention. The others will sing songs for him/her. These could be covers of his/her songs, but also songs that person likes or that are somehow related to him/her.
This is what Maan sang for Dennie Christian:

Tania Kross, the opera singer, used to be a fan of Alice Cooper when she was young, so that’s why Dennie sang that song for her.

And here is Kenny B’s version of one of Dennie’s songs:

A duet between the musical singer and the opera singer:

Brace’s version of Ave Maria:

Duet between Dennie Christian and Anita Meyer: