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I found something from the singer I loved that show, disco was a famous German TV music show. Gosh, I was 5 years old.

For Germans this video might be funnier, since there are other musicians and singer there - from the look it should be ZDF Hitparade.

Then it is less like the French show, because I can’t recall it being a competition. The show format is almost equal with the German “offshoot” - Sing meinen Song.
It’s almost impossible to find a decent clip since the TV broadcaster is a private one, and they are eager to make money of it. Understandable but well unfortunate for us. Mary Roos is a famous German singer for decades. She was probably the oldest one up to date the show had more singers from 20 to 50 years old.

Ah, forgot in the German version, one episode is for one singer and the others will sing versions of some known or less known songs and put them in a different version.


Haha, today YT decided to suggest this to me

Was this band already mentioned in the thread? I am sorry, I’m lacking sleep, my eyes are puffy and dry, scrolling today will be hard.


I found her sooo Great And it’s an earwig :grin::grin:


And it was about a year before my birth, haha, but he was in my parents’ record collection.

Sing meinen Song seems quite similar indeed. De beste zangers van Nederland is a competition, but in a relaxed, cosy kind of way. Each episode the singer whose songs are being sung chooses a winner for that episode and at the end there’s an overall winner. But they’re mainly just having fun together and sharing memories, etc. There’s no real rivalry.

It wasn’t, so paljon kiitoksia! (= thank you very much). :slight_smile: And I hope you’ll get some proper rest. :blossom:

Yes, I love it too! And Finland was the first place where I heard the Latvian language, so it kinda fits the topic anyway. :slight_smile:

Here’s another one from Värttinä:

Puistossa (in the park) by Anssi Kela:

Miten pelko lähtee (how fear disappears) by Jore Marjaranta:

Galaksi by Guava:

Romea ja Julia by Movetron:

YUP and Nylon Beat sing Huda! Huda!, a song from Tuomari Nurmio:

Ville Valo also sang a song from the legendary Tuomari Nurmio, called Valo yössä (Light in the night):


searched and found :grin:


A beautiful song! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And it has many versions, even a Dutch one! :slight_smile:


Whenever I see a picture of HIM or hear a song …
I remember his name Ville Hermanni Valo, I just can’t ignore what I heard once. In “German ears” it will sound funny not weird just funny, since almost anything that happens to have an i as an ending are minimizations, Hasi, Bärli, …


Haha, Finnish has a lot of words ending in -i! :joy:

hotelli = hotel
bussi = bus
pommi = bomb
lähti = lake
kieli = language; tongue (the Estonian version of this is “keel”, which is also the Dutch word for “throat”)
teksti = text
biisi = song (this is Helsinki slang. The regular Finnish word for song is “laulu”)
esimerkki = example (For example = esimerkiksi)
musiikki = music
Suomi = Finland
suomi = Finnish (the language, not the adjective)
Ruotsi = Sweden
Hollanti = Holland
Alankomaat = The Netherlands

And of course there are lots of names like Jussi, Jyrki, Antti … ja niin edelleen (und so weiter).

Btw, Ville is the Finnish equivalent of William/Willem/Wilhelm and Valo means Light. So I guess if he had been German, his name would have been Wilhelm Hermann Licht! :laughing:

valo = light
kuva = picture
valokuva = photo

tieto = knowledge
kone = machine
tietokone = computer

Btw, the male name Jyrki sounds funny to us too, since it sounds a bit like a dialectal dimunitive of the Dutch word “jurk” (dress). Imagine the singer of The 69 Eyes is called “Little Dress”, hahaha! O, and the drummer’s name is Jussi!

And there are even Finnish guys called Pentti! Reminds me too much of the word “panty” (our word for pantyhose), hahaha! :rofl:

And the boys name Yrjö also means “vomit” … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh, and the Finnish versions of my own name are Mirjami and Mirja. So I either add a letter or I drop one. :laughing:


Bussi in German, or Busserl is another word for Kiss, but it is more used in the southern dialects and even in Austria.


Hahaha! That could get confusing when Finns come to Germany or Austria … :rofl:

I think the word “pommi” sounds way too cute for its meaning (bomb)!

Btw, a lot of the examples were loan words. The newer loan words are often easy to recognize (paperi = paper, presidentti = president), but the older ones often have been tremendously adjusted to the Finnish rules, so that they’re often not even recognisable anymore.

ranta = beach
This is a loanword from Swedish, though we also have it in Dutch and German. So the original form was “strand”. Consonant clusters at the beginning of a word is a no-no in Finnish, so they had to skip a few of them: “rand”. A consonant cluster at the end? Yuk! Let’s add a vowel! “Randa”. And then the d changes into a strong consonant and becomes a t: “ranta”. Sounds very Finnish, doesn’t it?

Nowadays loanwords stay closer to their original shape, so “presidentti” begins with 2 consonants, though some older Finns would still say “residentti”.


Some has singers, yes…KALAVALA for one. Excellent I think…very inspiring and upbeat most of it :slight_smile:


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Really? What should I say to keep the nice flow in this topic I will not stop as YT suggested another video this time from an Ex-Stratovarious member.

Nice day to you all!


Kalevala, you mean. :slight_smile:


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I’m glad to read that! :smiley:

Nice music! :slight_smile:

Btw, I’m watching a Finnish series: Sorjonen (a.k.a. Bordertown)


Interview with Jyrki Linnankivi (Jyrki69) from The 69 Eyes:

Ja HIM Tavastia-klubissa!


New video came out just a few days ago


This is my personal favorite piece by Sibelius:



Great music, @lutra and @heliolzz! :dancer::drum:

YouTube just suggested this to me:

And this is a song from the famous movie Mies vailla menneisyyttä (Mannen utan minne/The Man Without A Past) :

Och en låt som du kan sjunga med till, Hanna :slight_smile: :


Nej den har jag aldrig hört :joy:


Det är ett svenskspråkigt band från Helsingfors. Jag såg en konsert av dem när jag bodde där. Men det var för länge sedan … :sunglasses: