♪♫ Musical Expertise in South Korea is Extraordinary


WOWWWW he makes me want to pick my piano up from the dust again :scream::sob: I love the jazzy undertone!!

Jung Sungha is amazing… he makes it look so effortless!!


J-Walk, the brilliant duo formed by Sechskies members Kim Jaeduck and Jang Suwon:

Featuring their Sechskies colleague Eun Jiwon:

Jang Suwon solo:

Eun Jiwon solo:


In their younger years:


Thanks for introducing me to these amazing artists! I don’t usually listen to k-pop. It seems that I’ve been missing out.


Thanks for posting. I haven’t come across Kim Jaeduck and Jang Suwon in my YouTube travels. They’re excellent!!!


A truly breathtaking performance!

Seong-Jin Cho plays Chopin’s Polonaise in A flat major Op. 53. He was the winner of the 17TH INTERNATIONAL FRYDERYK CHOPIN PIANO COMPETITION in 2015.


Very beautiful, it sounded like an orchestra and it wasn’t probably easy to put this together…
You can be proud of your kids! :heart::clap:


:notes::musical_note::musical_keyboard: Not in the least boring, and he played such a long piece! :musical_keyboard::musical_note::notes::blush:


Busker Busker

Solo performance of their frontman 장범준:

Makgeolli 🎶 😳

@mirjam_465! There is a song!? :rofl::fire:

Bottoms up!

Well, there are so many songs out there about wine, beer and whiskey so why not makgeolli, hahaha? :joy:

Right!?🥂🍻 !


In case you are not yet familiar with the hottest new trend in Korean music, here is Korean Unnie explaining the K-trot. Definite makgeolli music.:wink:


“Han” was also mentioned in this movie:


I am glad you mentioned this movie. I meant to watch it but got busy and forgot all about it.


It’s definitely worth watching. :slight_smile:

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That was hilarious!! Yes, Ive heard about trot before also in Kdramas and it is a unique style of singing. Some songs are fun, some are too emotional… like for “grannies”, lol. And definitely with makgeolli :cocktail:


If you watched Zombie Detective, perhaps you might remember Miss Trot Song Ga In’s cameo appearance.

Also from Zombie Detective is “Jjin-ee-ya” by Yeong Tak. The kids were so cute singing this song.


Gaho again… my favorite Korean soloist!
I can’t believe I like his live band versions much better than the studio ones! I love the way he infuses his own style into the covers he does… I love most of his covers more than the original songs :sweat_smile:. It’s like he puts all his soul into the music. He collabs a lot with the band KAVE. They’re wonderful, too!

This is his own song:


I just discovered this version of “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Misérables. I love it!