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Upon opening the Viki app, I was asked to answer a few questions. I did so. I said I loved the content and the slick design of the app. When asked which areas needed improvement, I mentioned the translations and subtitles. “How should we improve it?” I know nothing about the inner workings of Viki. But I love you guys and gals, the Community.
“The volunteers have proposed some fantastic suggestions. Give them a listen.”

Was my answer alright? I want the very best for this Community.



I really wished you had added more stuff bc you can really hit the nail in the head/right in the spot. But I guess deep down we all know what they do with our feedback; use it as toilet paper

The audacity to ask for feedback, when they are seeing with their own eyes, all the wrong things going on here for years, and I feel now is getting worse bc before when we complained the subs were fixed; now they stay as is sh***y as they are, no matter how many people may complain about it.


I know what you mean. But I could only pick from a premade list. I chose subtitles because I wanted Viki to recognise how important volunteers are to this website. Will see, I suppose.


I believe they want to confirm what’s hitting them right in their face; that while we may have here MANY dedicated volunteers that give quality work in their subs, lately we have volunteers that disregard the respect and commitment they need to give as a volunteer, and instead care less about quality in their subtitles; for their own selfish gain whatever that may be… Free viki pass plus?

I have come across dozens of [ANYWAYS] [FRIGGIN] yes!!! in a Traditional drama no less!!! I also saw NO kids (instead of no kidding). This has gotten to the point of ridiculousness. I can’t believe this situation is getting so out of hand here and the higher ups are not resolving this issue.

I am NOT saying subtitles have to be PERFECT; just decent enough to read.

Like…how other language translate friggin? (written incorrectly when I saw in the drama’s sub). Just the other day I went back and no editing was done; Why? According to the TEAM they had ‘‘editors’’

Whatever…is not like I care anymore.

PS> I just ran into this article and realized how different things were back in the days compared to now.


How has it changed? Hasn’t Viki always operated like this? I think it’s because it hasn’t changed – especially after the fall of Drama Fever – that’s causing the biggest problem. The people who migrated from DF expected a curated, pre-subbed experience. KOCOWA could have been VIKI’s saving grace. But KOCOWA, you see, has a nasty we-don’t-care-that-you-exist policy against Europe, which made me personally migrate away from VIKI.


Thank you for the good word, I appreciate it, but I think they just wanted feedback on just the app itself. :slightly_smiling_face:


Nope, it was a premade list that they had. Subtitles was one of the issues. I’m saying it’s a step in the right direction.



I was talking about the fact that before they found ways to communicate with everyone, seggers, subbers, subscribers etc, etc. Now there is no communication whatsoever, and no HELP CENTER (short staff and such). We no longer have that like we had in the past.

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Got it! Why though?

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I know. I miss old so much…:cry:

Will they ever give us an answer? I’m :pray::pray::pray::pray:ing.


Dear community,

Time to give another feedback: