My First Drama

I am trying to remember the name of the first drama that pulled me in forever.It was a Japanese Drama about a man being released from prison. He meets a child in the park and she gives him food and advice.As the story progresses you find out because his wife has a terminal disease. He takes a job to assassinate someone for the Yakuza or the like.
Does anyone out there remember the name of this drama?If so could you please tell me the name.
Much appreciated…Thank you in advance for any input.I can elaborate on the story-line if needed…I just don’t want to spoil it for anyone else…

Shiroi haru?

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Yes,That is the one.
Thank you.
That was such a great story line.I laughed,I cried.It hooked me on Asian dramas for life.
Thanks again,I knew some one would know.
Thank you:grinning:

LOL didn’t know, just wrote on google what you described XD literally: japanese man released prison child gives food hahahaha glad to have helped :smiley: mine was hanazakari no kimitachi e. If you haven’t watched it, do so!!!

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Ha! I should of thought of that.(google it)I will check out hanazakari no kimitachi .Thank you,for the suggestion.
Thank s again for your help. I love the Viki/drama community always very helpful and kind.
Thank you, rochis86

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you’re welcome :slight_smile: