My Holo Love Song

Hello :slight_smile:
I saw the series and she was so good. But when I saw the series, I can’t get this one song out of my head… the worker from Go Nan-do who always helps him with the computer work, hears always a song from an artist named “MIKO”. You can hear the song in the Ep 4 Minute 30:40 …
I’ve always searched for the song but never found it anywhere. Maybe one of you knows the name of this song??

Thanks for the help!


I haven’t seen it, so I don’t know the song, but maybe it’s on here?

moi aussi je suis tombée sur ca. mais helas la chanson ne si y trouve pas

yes it is not on the official playlist of the series :frowning:

Too bad. :frowning:

I guess there might be some information somewhere in Korean, but I’m not an expert in Korean yet.

Is it this? It’s sung in English so the lyrics aren’t in the Korean database.

Thank you but this is not the song. The song sing a girl in the serie.

Could you give me a time in a different episode?

You can hear the song in the Ep 4 Minute minute 30 second 40

I think the singer is Miko Matsuda, of the group Honey Popcorn - the singers are supposedly former “adult video” actress in Japan who formed a kpop group
Look at the the singer with the yellow top - that is Miko

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thank you very much! <3 it can be good that the miko is from the series, but unfortunately I still can’t find the song that is sung in the series from the girl

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I used the SoundHound app on my android phone and it identified the music as this.
Sorry, this isn’t what you were looking for. I read the time incorrectly in your message.

Miko Why Don’t You Song right