My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?

I wasn’t complaining, LOL


Excuse me I don’t want to delete this post I like, there’s nothing wrong with the post.

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Stardust was letting you know that we usually put the younger guys in The Cutie Posse, and over there we try to keep their shirts on. Here in the Hottie Posse most of the guys are 27+ with or without shirts. There are a few of the younger Kpop guys that just don’t seem to be able to keep their shirts on, so they go back and forth between Cutie Posse and Hottie Posse.

edit - I understand your defensiveness, you’ve been asked to move or remove your post a few times since you joined.


She wasn’t asking you to delete your post. That message means that she deleted her own post. We realized that you were not the one who posted directly into this thread, but your posts were moved here by the moderators instead.

It’s not really a big deal, but those of us who have been around the hottie posse for a while have arbitrarily designated an age restriction for no other reason than many of us are too old to be looking at the ‘baby birds’ the same as the ‘hotties’.


Someone did put both my posts of Cha Unviewable for the Discussions and I please want my post back own view mode.

In summary to not clutter the Hottie Posse with chat.


It really is best to keep the number of topics about someone to just the one. From a reader’s perspective, I look and see three topics about the same person and you’ll be lucky if I read one of them, I’m likely to think there’s a lot of crossover in the topics so why bother reading them. I expect you’ll get more people reading and engaging in just one topic, than if you create multiple. Also you won’t have as large an audience for a figure skater, we tend to post more about Kpop & Dramas, there’s nothing wrong with posting about him though.

Now I need to go find a Hottie to post


For those with the white shirt and watch thing

Zee Pruk (Cutie Pie)

For @my_happy_place (was the Seong Hwa GIF for you?

Seong Hwa (ATEEZ)

For @kdrama2020ali


For me, lol

Park Hyung Sik (Happiness)

Lee Joon Gi

ok, I can’t post for everyone, nor can I remember who everyone likes, I can hardly keep my kid’s names straight, so…


The staff did… please continue to follow the guidelines… some posts were moved and some are likely deleted. Viki is the owner of this discussions forum.

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Here one for you the trending Leo Wu… who grew up to a hot hulk from a thin boy in Nirvana of Fire…


The epitome of hotness:

@sweetybirdtoo, my ATEEZ bias is Wooyoung, but, you know, technically he’s a baby bird. :wink:

I don’t blame you for not remembering - there are a lot of hotties to keep track of. :sunglasses:


@kdrama2020ali, in response to your gif noted below.


…except mass quantities of HOTTIES!!!


We are just trying to keep the HOTTIE POSSE to photos of HOTTIES! When huge discussions start it gets confusing but I understand a WHOLE post was moved to my THREAD so I’m confused. Sorry if your thread and comments were moved without you knowing.

Just more HOTTIES post more HOTTIES and we are all good right girls



Wi Ha Joon

Leo Wu


Lin Yu Shen played also historical or costume dramas, but I first noticed him in “Dating in the Kitchen”… he just looks better with facial hair :wink: and he’s just looking at you :grin:

This handsome is also currently to be seen in Side Story of Fox Volant :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen Perth Nakhun Screaigh (28) added yet.

From the strong silent type in My Engineer


or his mischievousness in Cutie Pie

or his bratty gangster in KinnPorsche

I’m certainly a fan


I’m watching Fron now on, showtime and I just wanted to post Park Hae Jin :heart_eyes:



Back to Hottie business! I’ve been watching Blade Man with Lee Dong-wook who is himself a HOTTIE when I noticed this guy who is a well-seasoned HOTTIE; Han Jung-soo. 48 years old but aging like a fine wine. I don’t think he’s been in the Hottie Posse lineup before. Enjoy!

BTW, there are some decent shirtless scenes with both Dong-wook and Jung-soo sprinkled throughout the first few episodes of this drama.





Loved him in supporting role in “Tale of Arang” which is still regionally licensed to Viki. You may not find all of his Viki dramas on his Viki Celebrity page (like “Tale of Arang”) but here is a list of his projects. Hope we get to see him in something new soon.


I keep meaning to add Jeremy Tsui to the hottie posse. He is in a drama I’m currently watching/working on: “The Autumn Ballad”

Jeremy Tsui - 37

His deep, sexy voice deserves a mention and thankfully isn’t dubbed in this drama. And his sidekick isn’t so bad either.


Do you know how far down I had to scroll to find this thread? Unforgivable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is another new addition:

Bie Thassapak Hsu - 30