My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


People are sooooo danged thin skinned. I really have to watch myself because I am often a truth speaker and have an extremely limited filter. This does not serve me well in some situations although, most generally, people know me well enough and know what an off-the-wall sense of humor I have. I wish we could all get along and be more tolerant of each other. Stepping off soap box


I think that Namgoong Min would be my first choice as a “wingman.”

The Veil attracted my attention because of how “the other Minnie” disappears into his roles and becomes the character he portrays. A classic “Method actor.” Have never seen him give less than his utmost for a role.

But I cannot cope with child abuse as a theme, even if the ML is all about bringing their abusers to justice. So fifteen minutes into the first episode of The Veil, I sadly had to stop.


I am right there with you on that box! I also have a somewhat dry and acerbic sense of humor and get misunderstood A LOT. I’ve actually “trained” myself to have a more bubbly online persona than I do IRL because a lot of what I say on the 'Net gets misconstrued.


I put him in there cuz I knew you would pick him but he is so fun too


But man is he BUFF now!!!


Wookie needs his silly side too - cuz Wookie can be quite silly himself!!!


I am the same. Interesting that we all gravitated toward each other even on the internet.


Considering the life of the Celtic types since the Romans failed to divide and conquer, and the various adventures of the Picti, the Scoti, the Iceni and who knows who else . . . there is so little time or reason for shallow chit chat.

Unless you want to consider Liam Neeson’s Rob Roy a type of European saeguk and settle in for a nice chinwag along those lines.


“What’s the craic?”
“Liam Neeson with a feileadh mòr, a claidheamh-mòr, and a wee little skian dhubh tucked in his kilt hose.”

Also, this from a friend whose ancestors are largely Scotch-Irish Border Reiver. Fluff is not an option.

(Facebook screen cap)


This gif, lol I could watch this for waaaay too long


No, this was them breaking him in :joy::joy: It’s only the second or third episode.


Look at the bright smiley face I found looking at gifs


That is one of my all time favorites - I use it all the time!!!


His smile is so beautiful here.


His laugh and smile are always beautiful - he is just beautiful - oh


Wiffle gif



Drama Beans



Always, don’t you Always say it out loud?

Ok, we’ve cluttered the hottie posse enough with your favorite


@misswillowinlove You are speaking my language. My original “culture crush” has been, and always will be, all things British/Scottish/Irish.


I miss Lee Jong Suk!!! I hope to see him soon!!!


Another handsome gentleman with an AMAZING profile :heart_eyes: - Miles Wei
He’s going to star in a historical drama… in whichever year they decide to air it :grimacing::roll_eyes:

I thought I had met the love of my life in Perfect and Casual… he’s the only person on earth who could make me WANT to do math or attend a math class :joy: Although he was pretty infuriating - “Here’s your surprise birthday gift! I’m driving you to a lecture by the best math professor in the country!” - I still think his character was very, very close to my ideal type.


This story revolves around the cold and icy “male god” professor Zhang Si Nian

So @vivi_1485 did I find another girl who likes stoic but squishy inside!???



Well cuz - You need some Gong Yoo
Yoo-know it!!!



That description makes him sound like the ML from Love O2O :joy::joy: he’s not really a “male god”… more like a renowned, strict professor. But you’re right. I LOVEEEEEE stoic but squishy guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Especially this one… he never tortures or bullies the FL… he’s just a stoic, shy guy and he is ADORABLE but don’t tell him that- he doesn’t know it and that’s what makes him so lovable :joy:


Yes!!! I LOVE that guy!!! (Gong Yoo)!!!