My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?



He is a gorgeous human - he really is!!! :blush:




kdrama kisses

Aw he is so PRESH!!!


Those LASHES :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

SWEATY SIKKIE :hot_face::hot_face::hot_face:


In HIGH Society - my FAV of his! so far!!! I love this character -

And I raise you WET - Hyung SIKKIE!




Wet Hyung Sik is the middle image from Viki start screen.



Dori Sakurada


You and I are absolutely on the same page here regarding qualifications. And nominees look good.

But I don’t know that I’ve ever seen So Ji Sub of Oh, My Venus in a saeguk, a gumiho-themed drama, or any drama where the ML is required to wield a traditional weapon of bad-assery.

So, as usual, @kdrama2020ali, the Supreme Hottie U Overlord of Hotness Detection and Bad-Assery will have to determine who is experienced enough to head the department of Legendary Hotness.

And, since I like the caps and gowns that British and European university faculty wear at commencement exercises, I do think (semi-seriously) that @ninjas_with_onions might be able to point out a real-time institution of higher learning with very attractive academic regalia.

I myself experienced the American version of being “sent down” from the University of Rochester in the 1980s (for being cheeky just one time too many to several anti-semitic, mysoginistic, racist, existentialist wanna-be tenured professors in the English Lit grad program).

I personally DO NOT want to see any American-style “mortar board” on any Hottie U faculty. Rich velvet, brocade, silk. That’s the ticket!

(This is a good starting point, but Hottie U deserves the best. Personally tailored bespoke caps and gowns at the least.)


Oh I like the new TITLE!!!


Pretty Sure - Wookie Meets all the Qualifications to a “T”
However, he has retired from “ACTION” drama
so hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm we might need a backup!!!


Well, @kdrama2020ali, I know that you can dig deep within and find the strength to sort through all the candidates who can Wookie’s wingman. I have every confidence that you can do it!



I have some younger & some seasoned candidates - I will bring a poll to the FOLD - ASAP


The Department of Legendary Hotness! :blush:



Tale of Nokdu - Jang Dong Yoon
Fiery Priest - Kim Nam Gil

_ Namkoong Min - The Veil_

Vagabond - Lee Seung Gi

City Hunter - Lee Minho

Confidential Assignment - Hyun Bin

Here are my candidates for Wookie’s Wingman!!! What say you!???

I love it “Wookie’s Wingman!” :bird:

3 have been in historical dramas just like Wookie
Lee Minho
Lee Seung Gi
and Jang Dong Yoon


My vote :heart_eyes:




Right - @natyh @irishtigger

I’m in it for Jang Dong Yoon and Minho - Those are my two 1st picks - Although Nam Kong Min has been working out a lot lately!!! I follow him on Instagram - he was in Good Manager!!

Actually up and coming - Jang Dong Yoon was my first thought! #1


I honestly think So Ji Sub is one of the most iconic actors of the Korean entertainment industry. He’s been part of it since 1996.

He was amazing in Terrius Behind Me, where he plays a runaway NIS special ops agent, but also showcases his extreme adorable-ness as FL’s twins’ babysitter.

image image

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He hasn’t been in a sageuk, only a historical film, but I don’t think I’d disqualify him for that.


I love Ji Sub! But my qualifications as
Supreme Hottie Posse Overlord & Hotness Detection with Badassery Chancellor - are 4 an Action Star to help out the Wookster cuz he retired from Badassery Roles! Lol
:fire::fire::fire:Ji Sub is an Excellent workout instructor candidate!:heart_eyes:

For the Department of Legendary Hotness🔥


I’d totally take his class … :hot_face:


Lol, poor guy, it looks like the twins broke him.