My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


He knew we were RE- WATCHING Goblin - He felt it - He knew!!!

Only things that will be posted will be by SOOP but that’s ok!!! He is in the 21st century now! He will post food I bet!!!



Also, staying on the IG theme …

Our LDW has new photos from his latest magazine spread and DEAR LORD.

(All from Lee Dong Wook’s official Instagram)

THAT PROFILE :star_struck:



Are you Trying to KILL ME!

I find LDW - FOXY :fox_face:
One of the most exotic of my POSSE!!!

And look he knew - we were watching GOBLIN!!! He knew!!!



Those two are my favorites from the spread. I could just stare at him for HOURS.


Well - Another Seasoned Hottie!

Man - the bedroom never looked so good!!! Yoo Ah In


WRITER-NIM :heart_eyes:


“ALL MINE” ??? Hahahahahaha!!! The thread, yes. But the HOTTIES of the thread? Hmm…



I’m a legend in my own MIND

But My Posse - My Thread - All MIne!



P.S. That panda is soooo darned cute!!!
Panda: Defending its’ round object.
K-drama: Defending her thread.


I got you with the cute Panda!


Like butta…





This might be the perfect GIF. :rofl:


And you need the SONG

The baby bird in the yellow sweater in the front (dark hair) makes me crazy :bird:


What comes to mind: one of the few movie quotes I know - said in a whispering tone:

“He touched the butt!” - Tad the butterfly fish in Finding Nemo.



KOOKIE!!! That’s JungKook and I love him. :heart_eyes:


We love the SAME people!!! LOL

And Wonho almost KILLED us this morning - DEAD


I love the modern-tradition fusion fashion from Peaches!


YES!! It’s absolutely gorgeous.


Can he just not be so SEXY!!! WHAT KAI!!! YOWSERS (don’t stop)

He is such a sensual beautiful dancer and artist and it shows in the things he choses!

I listened to Peaches on Pandora last night

Perfection! @irishtigger

Kpop database





@irishtigger look at this photo