My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


I canโ€™t there are so many photos of KAI I canโ€™t!!!



I mean โ€ฆ the fusion โ€ฆ the eyeliner โ€ฆ the LOOK โ€ฆ :star_struck:


those fusion boots - I want them - I WANT THEM!!! Are they Jimmy Choos???

(and he can hand deliver them while he is wearing THAT)


We can pretend they are. LOL


He is luscious like a PEACH and that shirt!!! OY!!


Itโ€™s the jawline for me. So sharp it could CUT GLASS.


His Jongin alter ego is going to be on Knowing Bros with Lee Sung Gi! :heart_eyes:

I love his longer-hair style and that lovely smile that has stayed the same ever since debut and he is the sweetest person ever


My BABY - My BUNNY - My WONHO :rabbit2:

CONGRATS - I am so PROUD of you!!!

Did you see???


I did! I got so confused with all the categories โ€ฆ they are NOT like our awards here. LOL

Cha Eun Woo won two awards โ€“ one for True Beauty and one with ASTRO. And ATEEZ won too โ€“ Sannie!! :heart: :heart:

List of winners


Oh Iโ€™m excited for Cha and ASTRO and ATEEZ of course SANNIE!

Wonho deserves all the recognition - he has worked so hard as a solo artist after having to leave MonstaX I am just so happy for him I could SCREAM!!!


This song kills me so much every time I listen to it!!! He has me wrapped around his little finger especially when he wears leather jackets in his VLIVES!!! LOL :rabbit:


From the red carpet!

Also, my NuNu looking AMAZING โ€ฆ


Or stands up to take them off โ€ฆ :smirk:


Happy Birthday ZE:A
Siwan!! Dec 1st
33 years old

Fan Cam


They all look so sophisticated - no crazy hair colors!!! Just gorgeous!

Well Leather Jackets - Torn Jeans - or Track Shorts!!!
He can clean his couch all day any day!!! or fix the blinds like he likes to do!!!
Wonho and those shorts he wears!!!


This is suchhhh a pretty song!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


He wrote it for his fans when he left MonstaX - It makes me sad for him that he had to deal with that trauma but his solo career is beyond! AWESOME - as seen by his AWARD!

I became his fan as a solo artist before I knew he was in MonstaX


OMG โ€ฆ I never knew the story behind why he left; I just read up on it and now I love him even more. He was so selfless in wanting to save the reputation of the group, even though he was innocent. Iโ€™m so glad he has an amazing solo career now!


This is the same for me!!! I found him as a solo artist and loved him but then found out he was in Monsta X

This was my song - I didnโ€™t realize - then I learned his story and he is INNOCENT and tormented by that but left to not draw attention to MonstaX!!! He is such a baby there!!!
I LOVE WONHO - Iโ€™m totally a WENEE - LOL what he calls his fans!!!

He is my HERO


I think variety is the spice of life, so here I go. New introduction needed for this guy; Lee Ki-woo. Heโ€™s not well known but he is the 2ML in Rain or Shine (on NF). This series is also known as Just Between Lovers, the drama that has Junho as its ML. (@kdrama2020ali may retain Junho in her posse as I like this guy. Hahaha!!) He just turned 40 on October 23rd and he is 6โ€™ 4" tall.