My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?




You are singing it!

You know you are!


Instagram update

Cha Eun Woo - Who believes he is 24???

Me thinks he is ready to graduate - with honors!!! Look how handsome he is!!!


I think he deserves a fast-track graduation because he is DEFINITELY a Hottie!! I think he has learned everything he can from the Baby Bird U – he could even be a professor!


Yes! I concur! He’ll graduate with honors for his handsomeness and stylishness. I’m digging the watch, big time (haha, look at my pun!)


I am here for the wordplay! :raised_hands:t2::grin:


Let’s Triple Time that!!! I have loved Cha for a while now!!!


If he’s allowed to transfer at age 24 with that pretty baby face of his, then I might have a list of potential transfer students myself. :wink::grin:


He is PERFECT and he was born PERFECT - I love this!!!


I’ve been reading this thread like two hours and wasn’t sure if I should share my list since there are other than Korean actors too, but he it is :sweat_smile:

I think we all agree, that HIY should have had the girl, right? :wink:
The gloomy Kim Soo Hyun in It’s Okay to Not Be Okay was so :fire:
I don’t think that I need to say anything particular about Song Joong Ki, Am I right?

Two Korns and two Ohms, that’s all I need… You know (if you know) :tipping_hand_woman:t2:

Dori in Alice in Boarderland… WOW. But my favorite is still Daichi :biking_man:t2:
I did’n exactly like Sweet Sweet, but Zhao Yi Qin hit different there :woman_shrugging:t2:
Aaron is just :fire: I have no explanations… just :fire:

And here is a bonus-Yoongi, because I can’t have a Hottie Posse without him


@ammijii Your list is SPOT ON!!


Dori is here - Kim Soo Hyun - and Song Joong Ki

I’ll have to check on some of these other guys - I’m sure we have listed Hwang In Yeop!!! RIGHT!


Excellent list! Any nationality is welcome because when you’re hot, you’re hot? Am I right? :fire:


All Korean, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Taiwanese - well any hottie! Is allowed in Hottie Posse U!!!

I’m the Hottie Posse Overlord - I approve!


Yes, the United States’ largest unincorporated northern territory does contribute to world-wide hotness. My fave Canadian hottie though (I saw him do Hamlet at the Stratford Festival) . . .

(Rotten Tomatoes)

And, though I have never been a SoCal Valley Girl wanna-be, my Amazon Prime account gives me access to this show which may prove worth watching . . .


Cringe-worthy, I know, but I despise courgarism, and I ain’t dead yet.


You know them’s fightin word right?


Well, when ya look at the world through “Oh, did we win the American Revolution” glasses . . .

But let me tell you, at this point in history, there is nothing, at least in my book, that beats Tim Horton’s on any level.

And I have had poutine made fresh in a little shop in Québec City (the city with the best ice cream on the planet) and seen a performance of Cirque du Soleil on their home turf . . .

And there are people who have my surname living in Ontario.

So, you know, it’s a bit of a family feud, right?



Oh Sehunnie :heart_eyes:


WHOAH – what is that? He looks FIERCE and GORGEOUS!


Oh man! What poster is this for? Coming out in January? Yes please!