My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


And why do I still love him!!!


Oh My, that first picture.


He is handsome and cute depending on how they style him!!! I still love him and I should wear the cone of shame!!! LOL


If you can still love Gui (Lee Soo Hyuk) after The Scholar Who Walks the Night, you can still love Andrew (Lee Joo Seung) after Happiness.



Well just LOOK at him!!!


That’s GOT to be lyrics by Bruno Mars. He has managed to settle down somewhat and write a few things I am not embarrassed to listen to . . .

And he’s done stuff for Arashi, a group I have not heard about in quite a few years.


Kpop profiles


Kim Jae Young


Wonho’s Instagram Update!!!

Why WHY does he do these things!!! :muscle:


I call this post: Hotties Supporting Hotties

For those who don’t know – that is the Instagram handle for Ryan Reynolds – my favorite Canadian hottie!


Well you know, Canada does have the best Ryans.


New Thitipoom, nickname Newwiee (Thai actor and model), 28 year old with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He has joined HPU in order to earn his terminal degree (PhD) in HOTNESS! Currently heating up the screen in I Need Romance on NF. I think he is well-qualified but did provide photo evidence.






I have posted him before - I LOVE HIM!!!

He has his PHD in HOTNESS


Ooops, sorry. I try to look prior to posting. I’m always a day late. :wink:


Oh we always need more PHOTOS!!! It is a transcript requirement for his on-line dating profile!!!


I could have sworn that I put him in the posse (also checked baby bird in case I added him there), but I can’t seem to find him. I know I gushed about him to @kdrama2020ali after I watched ‘I Need Romance’ because he’s a big flirt in that. And he’s a hottie. A welcome addition to the posse.


WAIT OMG MY HEART DROPPED HES SOOOOO FINE OMG!! how can a person be this perfect


I know I posted him I recognize this photo





Well let’s just see more!!!


Yup, you did post about him back on Sept 19th. The researcher in me (added with the residual effects of earning my master’s degree) just can’t help it…


SEEEE I’m not CRAY!!!