My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


omo I’m right?! :joy::joy::see_no_evil: That was the first kdrama shirtless ML scene i had ever seen in my life… i remember how extremely shocked i was and I never rewatched the drama - maybe it got imprinted in my brain. I still can’t believe I got it right :sob::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: i will go sit in a corner now


Vivi, you crack me up. :rofl:


Here @vivi_1485
You might not come out of the corner

@my_happy_place Thank you! is he a baby bird???

UM he’s 31


good sweet LORD those abs :fire::fire::fire:


I think I’ve just committed so many sins in my mind…


Nowhere near a baby bird! And you’re welcome! :blush:

He’s from the group BTOB - a group with some amazing vocals, and as of this fall, all members have completed their military service - so rare among the groups I follow.


this is a regular occurrence for me in hottie posse land!


Gaduri Restaurant (Jung Jae Oh)

@kdrama2020ali as I was scrolling though my GIFs for this I passed the one of Fiat *cough * and briefly thought… No, bad!






I know, it was a fleeting thought, that made me laugh.

to me…


CLOY was my first kdrama too! Have been hooked ever since. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :fish:


A face I was suddenly missing tonight. Hope the military is treating my KangJoonie well.


I’m so late to the game on this thread (what a delightful discovery!!!)… anyway, these guys are in episode 182 of Master in the House too. They’re great - so funny to watch them interact with the MITH guys too. :heart:


Better late than never! Enjoy catching up on all the hotties and please add your own if you have any.

Thanks for letting me know about the MITH episode. I’ll try to track it down. They were fun.


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Just a couple things to note about the thread. Hottie Posse is 27+ while Baby Bird University is 26 and under, we try to keep their shirts on in the University for our younger audience. There are a couple exceptions, San of Ateez just can’t seem to stay in Baby Bird U, even though he’s 22, and I thought there was someone else, but I can’t remember.


We have a couple baby birds that run between the two!!! They just can’t keep their sexy under wraps or their shirts on!!!


I’m impressed that you went to such lengths. :slight_smile:


I’m mildly unhinged at times. lol