My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


I loooove playing guessing games like these!


@beckarooney_497 Classic example: I am that younger audience :joy:


I like giving you a shock every once and a while!!! LOL


And I’m sure not a single person on this thread minds that. :wink::heart_eyes:



And we just all need to thank the HEAVENS that JUNHO is JUNHO!!!

And I admire how hard he worked and dieted to make himself look good for us!!! 8 PacK

EAT JUNHO have fried chicken!!! Let’s go get some soju together!


I’ve never been a BTS fan… until the other night. Found 2 of them with James Corden - one doing car karoake and the other performing in crosswalks… oh my gosh, I was dying. They are cute and funny!!


Well, that was a delightful 2 minutes and 42 seconds of my life. :sparkling_heart::hugs::yum:


Just think if you were army and happened to be driving down the street and innocently stopped at that light and BTS ran out to do that stop light dance right in front of you and FLIRT with you while dancing! You’d DIE! :heart_eyes: Yea, The BTS guys are kewl.


WhYYYYYY do I never experience things like that? :sob::joy::joy:


all access asia

We heart it

Kpop profiles

Hyuk from VIXX
He is the new ML in Color Rush 2
26 years old and I’m putting him in Hottie Posse
What a CUTIE!!!
Welcome to HOTTIE POSSE!

I think I just FELL in LOVE!


I’ve asked myself that numerous times.
It all comes back to the fact that some people are plain old lucky. Period. Done deal. I, however, like the rest of the silent majority, never have been, am not, and will never be THAT lucky.


@kdrama2020ali the kings of your Posse together at a fan meeting!

Song Joong Ki Shares Photos From His Guest Appearance At 2PM’s Lee Junho’s Fan Meeting | Soompi

Song Joong Ki made a guest appearance at Junho’s fan meeting!


They are so DARN CUTE! He was phenomenal in the on-line fan meeting!

I am still on cloud 9 but I was up from 3 am to 6 am - BUT it was worth IT!!!

He’s talented - gorgeous - humble and a sweetheart!

Thank you Song Joong Ki for visiting - wish he had come back last night! LOL


Happy Happy Birthday to Lee Junho!

Elle Korea 2022
New Photos

32 in the US
33 in Korea


Gorgeous photos! He is aging like a fine wine. :heart_eyes:





It’s been a LOOOOONG time since a perfect chaebol CEO has entered K-dramaland :heart_eyes: I didn’t realize how much I missed this trope


Where can I watch it


He’s soo cute, I’m watching hometown cha cha cha