My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


Oops, I was staring at that first one when, ~poof~ it was replaced with, um, whatever that is. I’m dying laughing. :rofl:





I think it’s at 25:50 in ep 2, it might be 24:50, hmmm.


You changed it, but this was my reaction


Not that we are objectifying men or anything…


It is the ever changing shower scene! I’m laughing I can’t breath

@stardust2466_546 Ok Eye Candy Girl


I’m laughing so hard. Every time I come back, it’s something new.


You got/get me!!! :rofl::wink:


I can’t BREATHE!!!



This comment will likely quickly become irrelevant, but that is some speed showering in that last iteration.


It’s just depicting the cold shower needed from the two removed images. lol



It changed again!





So your pond splash scene (above) from My Country (on NF) got me curious so now I’m watching that drama. It’s actually pretty good. Of course I’m kinda into historic dramas with a little romance sprinkled in. Hahaha!


For you


I have been wanting to watch that because I love Woo DOO and they guy from 30 but 17
Do you like it?


I just can’t stop myself


Wait, that scene is from that drama? I recently added that to my watchlist but didn’t know anything about it. It may have just moved up the priority list.


Ummmmm… Yes, I do. I’m on ep 9. NF does not advertise it as a romance but there is some lip-to-lip going on and definite sexual tension. Of course, this is all mixed in with the political intrigue. I give it a thumbs-up!


my favorite - I like a good one with tension!!! I think it just moved up