My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


Has anyone mentioned Kim Min Jae yet? He was kind of second lead in the drama I just finished, and while I didn’t have SLS in the normal sense of the word (I didn’t want him to get the girl or anything), I liked him a lot better than the ML. He is probably too young to be included in a top 10 list or actual hottie posse for me, but he is a cutie (His dimples…) but also a hottie when he wants to be.


Is he the king from Goblin!? I know I have one friend I turned to Kdrama and she likes him as an actor.


Don’t hate me, but I haven’t seen Goblin.

I just looked it up, though, and it appears he was the king.


Ok we have to sever ties now!



I knew you would say that.

I should have never admitted it.



It just means you have something to look forward to!!!


I just came to say Hi! hahaha


JUNHO JUNHO Looking Gorgeous in Esquire! Well - I ordered my Copy!

The POOL photo and the cream cardigan sweater oh my goodness!


Aish! Junho! Why do you do this to me? I’m pretty sure it’s illegal.


Because of all you guys, I am finally watching Psychopath Diary. - IT IS HILARIOUS! Poor guy, trying to channel his inner (non-existent) psychopath! :rofl: :joy: :smirk: :sunglasses: :laughing: :rofl: :rofl: (Makes my sides hurt from laughing so hard.)

He is so expressive. He really makes the show. Great actor. :sunglasses:


I am a big fan of YSY’s acting, and I have had Psychopath Diary in my watchlist for quite some time, but for some reason I always skip over it when I’m looking for something new to watch. Maybe now I have the motivation to get it started (once Viki/continue watching is running properly again, that is)


Did you watch Your Honor! Again Yoon Shi Yoon is brilliant!


@sweetybirdtoo @my_happy_place



Where my Chocolate ABS???


Ok, give me a minute. lol


You are REDEEMED with JAY Park!

Love his Tats


Here’s from the shower scene in Mysterious Love. I usually turn off the comments if I do a screen shot, but the thirst is real in TCs.


The timed comment on the first one is not wrong. LOL

Holy moly!


I think @kdrama2020ali should have put 18+ in the title. lol
Sheesh, we’re bad.


You might have to remove that or we might get Hottie Posse taken off of Viki - I always worry - but thank you! you can delete now @sweetybirdtoo

You can leave the #2 photo