My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


I can’t even WATCH HIM CRY! I’m totally going now!

Who is making my Baby Song Kang CRY!


I like all y’all so much, but I can’t show it right now. Heart jail! :sob:




I get to join you in heart jail


Mine was a short stint, apparently.

Those little hearts look like butterflies.


But you’ll die happy!



Who wore it better?

A man who has style cannot be ignored. A mature man who has style cannot hire enough security to keep the ahjummas off his front lawn . . .


They are both wearing it well, but given that I am not partial to the gold ‘bling’ (as I hear the young’uns may have called it once upon a time) on Minho’s jacket, I will choose the gentleman on the right. He is looking extremely distinguished.


Minho Minho Minho Minho! He had diamonds on that jacket





Why did you get rid of the hand-holding one?


You get me started on Minho and I can’t stop! I need to go back to “Do You Like Minho” Thread


Is that really limited to Minho, though? :wink:




I’m off topic but heart jail reminded me of something. Has anyone else ever noticed the heart in some people’s ear? Just me?



Well that gives me thoughts I shouldn’t have!


OH, I must be out of heart jail, short lived for me too I guess.


I certainly never had before, but I won’t be able to stop now. Thanks for that. :smile:

I got about five extra and then got put back in jail for the next 14 hours.


So @sweetybirdtoo Now you have me listening for the “noise” and looking for hearts!

I just posted that I think Jang Ki Yong’s mouth looks like a heart in hottie of the week

Jang Ki Yong


If I’m not wrong, just pictures of Wallace Huo could do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, maybe that’s what made me think of the heart in the ear. Not all ears though, just some.