My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


You saw that picture and noticed his lips?

After the obvious, I kind of got lost in his eyes…


I don’t know him…yet


No I noticed in Roommate is a Gumiho, his smile is just Devine! And yes - his eyes!


Wallace Huo is d@#n sexy in Love Me if You Dare.


Oh that is on my LIST ----- Yes!


You don’t know Wallace Huo yet? I must have speaking for myself then. :wink:


I know Marcus Chang!!!


OK seriously HOW CAN THIS GIRL NOT KISS HIM BACK!!! Oh his hands! I love his hands


I’m back in heart jail


Me too! I just got the WARNING


So Junho is my wallpaper on my phone (and my lock screen - another photo) I was using my phone at lunch with my friends and my girlfriend said “Is that a guy’s butt on your phone” - “I’m like of course not” Then I looked and I said “Oh Yes Junho”

Junho is known for his BUTT!!! Well yes! Then :peach::peach::peach::peach: Peach Lee Junho!!!



The best butt in Kdramaland, if I do say so myself.


And people can see it a mile away! He says it’s hard to sleep sometimes!!! Bahahahaha!



I swear his laugh and smile could melt the world.


hahaha, you’re hilarious! guy’s butt hahaha :peach:


So funny cuz I denied it! It’s JUNHO to me! :peach::peach::peach:


I forgot to mention that this girl gets points in my book for noticing his butt first and foremost.





Those poor hearts. :disappointed_relieved: They just want to spread the love.

edit: I think I’m finally out of jail!


I didn’t think about that but you’re right! hahaha