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Not joining Hottie Posse cuz he is 22
Not Yet!

Park Ji-Hoon

Baby Bird Factor - His smile is so CUTE


He is such a cutie!. I loved his character in Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency. (His character has a heart wrenching back story. He really got put through the wringer, which I hear his character in Spring is Green does as well. Poor guy)


He’s a fabulous actor!!! :heart:


drana wiki
Renn oh Renn Kiriyama


I went in search of a photo for someone I wanted to add to the hottie posse, but instead it lead me to an interesting question…

Are there any actors you find attractive while watching in live action but don’t find necessarily attractive in still photos?

You see, I was watching a clip of something today that reminded me that I find Go Kyung Pyo to be attractive in everything I’ve watched him in, so I went searching for a photo to post here and realized I couldn’t find any that do him justice. I guess some people are just not photogenic. This was the best I could find.

Another example is Kim Young Kwang. I admit my shallowness by saying I had skipped over watching any of his dramas because I found him to be unattractive in the thumbnail posters. But once I actually watched one, I found him to be quite attractive when he’s in action. Here’s one of the only decent photos I could find.


Yes - this is so true! I do find most of our guys are SUPER photogenic! Well, you know the ones. But there are some that GROW on me in their shows and I’m like he is so ATTRACTIVE - partly from the character and personality they bring to that character.

He actually looks adorbs!


Yes, these can really make a difference and can also make an already-attractive person even more so.





Amino Apps

Yang Se Jong
Welcome to Hottie Posse
I loved him in 30 but 17
and now want to watch My Country


Good choice. I support it!


He’s so cute!!!
I really enjoyed 30 but 17, but I love him in Degree of love.


I’ve been really wanting to watch that, but it’s not available in my region. :sob:


I love it, do you watch the shows on other pages? hahaha
I did it with this one.


Depends on which ‘other’ page you’re talking about. Apparently it also used to be on Ntfx, but it’s not there anymore either. I’ll just have to wait and hope that it becomes available somewhere where I feel comfortable watching it.


Nop, I mean some “bad” pages hahaha where you can watch the content for free but the quality is not as good as viki, iqiyi or netflix.
I try not to watch on that ones but sometimes I want to watch a specific show.


I figured that’s what you meant. Personally, I choose to avoid them.


@my_happy_place, Degree of Love (or Temperature of Love) is available on Prime, if you have that. I’ll probably be sucked into watching that one now as well. LOL!


Why do I never think to check on Prime? I do have it, so there’s another to go on a to-watch list. What else is new? hahaha


We are really feeding off each other here. I feel like an enabler. Hahahaha!!!


Do a Korean series/movie search on Prime. You’ll be amazed at how much content they have.

NOTE: Not endorsing Prime here so please don’t take my basketball away and kick me off the playground.


Like I need another rabbit hole to fall into, but you know very well I will. It can’t be helped.


Not exactly a rabbit hole, but you get my drift.