My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


I love Park Bo Gum, Lee Joon Gi, Cha Eunwoo, Kim Bum, Lee Jong Suk and Woo Do! I have not met the others! I like meeting new guys I will have to check out their works!:blue_heart:


You have to check out Song Joong Ki in Descendants of the Sun, Hwang In Yeop in True Beauty, Jang Dong Yoon in The Tale of Nokdu, and Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Min Jae in Hit the Top.


I’m a Yoon Shi Yoon fan! I’ve seen several of his dramas because his acting always brightens my day, whether he is playing a serious character (which he is really good at, the glares he can do are so intense) or a comical character (he is really talented with comedy, not every actor can pull it off). He looks so much like Ji Soo, they could totally pass as brothers in a drama. And, like Ji Soo, he can pull off any hairstyle!


Every time I read this thread, I recruit new ‘members’ for my Hottie Posse :joy:

This is Lee Soo Hyuk. His camera presence is no joke! (for me, at least :D)




yoon%20shi%20yoon%202 I just FOUND him! I think I might be a fan.

I will be watching him soon! He is new to me! I found him in Your Honor
Funny I didn’t realize he was on the list above I was just looking around yesterday.:heart_eyes:


Marcus Chang!marcus%20chang%204

I might totally just be in love with **Marcus Chang!**:heart_eyes:



Oh my gosh! I forget how much I love this guy and his Eye Smile! And Deep Voice!
Choi Jin Hyuk


Yes! When I was a baby Kdrama fan, I watched Devilish Joy and Choi Jin Hyuk’s deep voice immediately stood out to me. I remember being so surprised because I wasn’t used to hearing Kdrama actors with deep voices.


I LOVE his voice! And his eye smile even though I don’t think he likes it. And his guns! Ya, know! HIs voice is very calming, very unique.


Oh! ok. The saeguk vampire dude, Gwi, from Scholar who walks the night!

Yea, He probably can’t play poker. His eyes are too expressive. But I much prefer eyes that smile than dead emotionless ones. It is surprising to me how many people here do not have smiling eyes! You can’t tell if they are smiling behind their face masks.

In a weird goth way, he was kinda hot in Zombie Detective. :rofl:


I have to watch Scholar Who Walks the Night seems to have Two Hotties in it. Lee Joon Gi and this guy!
And who would not love Choi Jin Hyuk as a zombie right?


Hey! Did you know Choi Jin Hyuk is a Zombie IDOL!
Check out his moves!

He’s dancing to earn money to eat! :rofl:

Oh! and the pig fight!

Darn it! :rofl:


I would watch Choi Jin Hyuk and Gong Yoo in their respective zombie dramas/movies, but I cannot watch anything dealing with zombies. Anything horror-related, in fact. I barely accustomed myself to ghost dramas, and even then, I still get scared :sweat_smile:.




His lyrical dancing! MELT!



Train to Busan was a scary - in your face - gonna eat you now - Zombie movie.

But Zombie Detective was funny, not scary. Choi Jin Huyk was funny when trying to deal with his Zombie-selfs desire to take bites outta people. :grin: It was just cute.


lol I was looking out the windows on that one trying to see if that greenery was live or just a set. I think it was a real place. The perspective shifted when the camera moved around. I guess I miss green - It’s the dead of winter here.

Oh! Yes, they are good dancers.


All I look at is Junho in the middle! What greenery! hahahahahahahaha!


lol… I guess I am not looking at him because I am a LOT older? :upside_down_face: And I really miss green things? :grin:


I stumbled across the photo of this kdrama actor and I immediately thought of this thread! I haven’t seen any of his dramas, though.

Sung Hoon