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San (산) Ateez

His favorite color is Purple - UMMMMMMM Me Too


I have been MISSING Park Bo Gum! He just left for Navy last summer. I hope he is doing well.


Park Hyung Sik


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
What are your favorite k dramas staring Park Hyung Sik?
Sheesh… that shower gif :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi ! Park Hyung Sik’s best drama is definetely (for me) Strong Woman Do Bong Soon ! He was so great in it !
I also started watching High Society and he was the best actor in it far away.


Same here :hugs: , my favorite drama staring Park Hyung Sik were strong woman do bong soon and high society too. Park Hyung Sik wasn’t a lead in Heirs but he was my favorite character in the drama. :laughing:


Same him and Krystal (and Kim Woo Bin of course) were the best caracters in Hears. Them are the reason why I finished watching Heirs !


Yeahh , I haven’t finished any other dramas with Park Hyung Sik yet :sweat: because I keep getting distracted with other dramas :star_struck:
Kim Woo Bin :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I heard a lot about Hwarang but I am not really attracted by the story so… I’ll just wait his retourn from military service and watch his next drama :joy:


Lol :joy::rofl:



My absolute favorite KISS so far of PHS…oh baby…High Society! Kiss King!
I am watching Strong Woman right now!

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He is so good in High Society! His range of acting and he made me CRY so hard. When he pounds his chest - oh my gosh I die…He was the best thing in that show definitely! I ignored the rest.


I know ! He literaly saved the show, such a shame he was just a second lead because he is way more talented than the first lead (actually the first couple was really boring)


They consider him a 2nd Main Lead in that I have him in my scene stealers collection
My OFFICIAL Scene Stealer - Park Hyung Sik

I also have a Hottie Posse Collection – These are 2 of my 14 collections! I post in them regularly
Wow I need to update that!



Lol :joy: :heart_eyes:



I like both of your collections , OMG , you have all my favorite kdrama in official scene stealers and in hottie posse lol.

  • Fated to love you
  • Coffee Prince
    -Secret Garden
    -Boys over flowers
  • Heirs (are in both :blush: )
  • Are you human too


I literally have 14 collections! My umbrella one has the most followers! Let me know if I need to add any dramas I come on here to see what else to add since I can’t watch a million at a time (although I try)

I love love love Coffee Prince - Gong Yoo and Kim Jae Wook (anytime KJW was on screen I would REWIND)


Tall Glass of Water - Adding Song Kang to the Posse! Happy Birthday!
He has a new drama coming out that he learned Ballet for - and I can’t wait…


This last photo is one of my Favorites!!!
Sexy/Mature/Grown-up JUNHO!
Aw, I bet he smells good! (He does, I bought the body lotion he likes and it is YUMMY)
CTTO - GQ Korea


Taecyeon needs to be in Hottie Posse :fire::fire::fire:
Another 2PM member and did a fantastic job in Vincenzo