My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


Who is this?
Who is this?

Who is this and I love his hair! Mine is purple and blue and storm silver at the moment


Top photo is Seo Eunkwang, second photo is Lee Minhyuk, and third photo is Lim Hyunsik.:smile: I love Hyunsik´s hair color too! Changsub and Minhyuk both had pink hair at some point.

oooh, like a galaxy!:star_struck:



Everyone needs a little Yummy Yummy once and a while


So JUNHO is back on Saturday! To say that I’m so excited to actually meet him, cuz I became a fan in 2020 and he was already serving. He is BACK and all of 2PM will be together again! I hope they do a LIVE.



Give them a couple of months to practice.


They usually welcome back whoever is coming back on a LIVE. Last time Chansung answered fans questions. I have watched them cook together while they talked completely in Korean. It is so fun. I am assuming Junho will do a LIVE also so the members can welcome him home.

Then the HARD works starts for them because they have been on hiatus since 2016 or so.

Looks like a Japanese album or tour first


I just discovered that Noh Min Woo (the antagonist in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) is the older brother of the singer I’ll (real name Noh Jeong Hun) who is part of one of my favorite Korean bands, Hoppipolla :scream::scream::scream::scream: I knew he had an older brother that acted, but I never connected their relationship! Every time I would watch I’ll in a music video, I’d think, “I’ve seen him in a drama somewhere, his facial features are so familiar,” and it turns out I’ve seen his brother act in a drama!

Noh Min Woo


I’ll (Noh Jeong Hun)


This thread’s clearly from the ladies’ perspective, but since you asked… :smirk:

Ishihara Satomi is jaw-droppingly- but seemingly inadvertently-spectacular in every single scene of “Jimi ni Sugoi”/“Pretty Proofreader.” An even(?) 21 from that drama:





And that’s just the pics I was able to find online. The subject of the drama is a fashion mag, and Kōetsu is a fashion freak, so every scene she’s wearing some new outfit, and… she just completely rocks every single one of them.




YOU ROCK Great Photos


I am adding Kwak Dong Yeon to my Posse!
Oh my I think he is so :fire: in Vincenzo! I noticed him the 1st episode!
OH LORDY how old is he??? Going to H-E-L-L
Why are there such beautiful people in the world. hahahahah!


@kdrama2020ali since I know you’ve got a thing about abs, I think you’d like series 4 of U-Prince, Dash is shirtless most of the time, at least in the first 1-1/2 episodes I’ve watched.


Hahahahahahahahaha! It is all about the shirtless GUY right!


Our Hottie Hottie Posse! I have added some guys! I need some need photos!


Hahahaha!!! Love it! Ya, sista! I’m in the same boat. Some of these guys are young enough to be my sons. As my Dad used to say, “You gotta die of something”. Just as well die from blindness from watching all these hotties. Hehehe…


Right! Why are they so gorgeous!


I hope we can link this.


The many faces of Jang Hyuk :star_struck::heart_eyes: He’s such a versatile actor, anyone remembers him in Chuno, he had 6 pack abs, which is hard to achieve :blush: and long hair too!


So FUNNY my friend just finished “Fated to Love You” and she told me I HAD to add Jang Hyuk to my Hottie Posse and You did it for me.

I love him with JUNHO💜in Wok of LOVE he is such a loveable gansta!