My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


I’ll check it out! I was busy wearing out my DOOM OST all afternoon on Sunday. :wink:

Sidenote: Why are all of these guys so darned handsome??? The genetics in SK must have evolved to awesomeness (probably with some augmentation in certain instances).


The people at work might die!

1:21 min in!!! MUSKLES


I do have earbuds, bud.


Well the Muskles - Might make you pass out - I love Wonho - he is so adorbs and I love when he goes Vlive he goes LIVE like A LOT! Such a cutie pie - Bunny - that is what the fandom calls him Bunny :rabbit:

Lyrics Translations

28 he is 28 years old - HOTTIE POSSE he is!


Sound Cloud



Won Bin


Hyun Bin Reflects

We don’t talk much about Hyun Bin. Crash Landing On You was my very first kdrama. Even though he isn’t in my posse - the man is gorgeous - I can’t wait for Confidential Assignment 2

His hand


Man, did he look great in his uniform in CLOY!



Oh - yes he did - dimples and all!

The most romantic scene in Kdrama so far for me was the candle in the MarketPlace


Hyung Movie

Aw I didn’t know they did a movie together!

D.O. and Jo Jung Suk


When Devil Calls Your Name

Another one I will have to watch! I have just fallen in love with the President’s character in Falling for Innocence! Jung Kyung Ho
Are you still loving it! I am almost done and still love it!



This kiss makes me pick DOOM EVERY SINGLE TIME! :umbrella:


Yup! I’m on ep. 12 and still loving it! I am really enjoying the transition of Kang! He was breaking down in front of his secretary and she walked up and gave him a shoulder/side hug. Awwwww… He knows he loves her but she’s not quite there yet.


It gets better BETTER! I love him to pieces and I wanna SMACK that handsome right off the face of the bad guy!!! He’s so handsome though WHY! Kang is just oh I love him so much!!! So glad I watched this it really reminds me of gentleman’s dignity and fated to love you.



Hey GUYS POLL is this me???

  • No Not at ALL :rofl:

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We need a third option


What is the third option???




Something like, I’d rather not say, or I abstain. :stuck_out_tongue:


Should I answer this truthfully or sarcastically? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I think the answer is yes & no.


I did put yes or no - I don’t know what other one you could put! hahahahahahaha!

I don’t share so the answer is OBVIOUS!