My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


Hello, is it me you’re looking for? :microphone:

So gorgeous!!





Kim Hyun Joong - SS501 - Welcome to Hottie Posse = 35 years young :heart:

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The king!!! (for me :wink:)
Min Ho!!
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Find the strength, you will be rewarded.:grinning:


I know just look at him not the FL - that is my problem! I need to watch party it so I can just yell
HOTTIE - every time he comes on screen!

But actually her telling him to move - yep that’s me! At the gym today - don’t EVEN ask me what happened (a whole group of hotties came in when I was leaving YOGA like a BIG group) almost stayed to workout on the treadmill!!! Bahahahahahahah :smile:


her look in that GIF is priceless. QUIT BLOCKING THE HOTTIES! :rofl:


Ok @kdrama2020ali ! Here you go! Special for you!

Go to time stamp 2:34


Oh his workout scene! in Red Sky??? Is Awesome!!!


Amino Apps



I am dying a slow death that he is singing a Goblin Song from the OST!

Kim Min Kyu! What a talented guy - And that Smile! :slight_smile:


Happy 28th Birthday BABE!


Aiyaiyai. Wasn’t prepared for that from our birthday boy!


I’ve only seen a couple of Jang Seung Jo’s dramas but the one he was unlikeable in was Encounter, he was the ex-husband.

If you haven’t watched it, don’t watch past 2:00


I have watched that, so that must be where I developed my dislike. I could not remember for the life of me, I just knew I didn’t like him. :sweat_smile: But that’s all changed for the better, now.


Omo Omo
We Heart it



I actually ended up LOVING him!


Yes, so did I, but I seem to recall people in the comments still hating him. Also, if someone didn’t finish the drama, they’d probably still hate him.


Why can I not even remember his character in that other than that he was the ex-husband. Did I block him out? Maybe I already disliked him so I skipped his scenes. I seriously can’t remember.


He was the ex- but he became redeemable - she the FL never became redeemable for me - it was all about Bo Yummy!


Encounter spoiler

He cheated on her, but he didn’t actually, he was putting on a show for his mom so he could release Cha Soo Hyun from the marriage, his mom was awful, and Cha Soo Hyun was miserable. He was actually very much in love, but she was only in the marriage because it was arranged.


he was in love - but she was in an arranged marriage -

I loved him! What else is he in???