My Hottie Posse...Who is YOURS?


He was the MLs best friend in Familiar Wife, I loved him in it, but I didn’t like the FL at all. I thought she was a horrible person and the ML should have run for his life when he went back in time.


It was the same for me!



If anyone ever wants to Watch Party Encounter - I could do it again for Bo Yummy!

We Heart It



I’m having a SANNIE moment - oh yea - is he a baby bird or a hottie posse! I pretty much think for me he is hottie posse! :smile:

Um - his neck


Good blood flow…


I was gonna say something but anything I type does not sound appropriate so I am being Quiet for once!



I’d put this one aside, and just started rewatching it, I’d completely forgotten why I stopped watching, oh right, the psycho brother, I hate the character, but the acting… wow, Oh Jung Se is good.


Yeah, there are some tough things to get through in that one, but I loved the bromance between the cops, and I really wanted to see the bad guys get what was coming to them.


We Heart It

We Heart It



I woke up to an ATEEZ LIVE
Sannie and Seonghwa with Blue :blue_heart: and :heartpulse: Hair
and in BLUE PJs
with Wooyoung and Hongjoong coming in and out
they SANG and were so ADORBS
I know their baby birds but :bird:
So love ATEEZ


Your ATEEZ babies on Imitation (I’m not so into k-pop but I really enjoyed that show)

All I know is: Choi Min Ho


You vampire! :vampire: Run Sanie, Run! :rofl:


This Way Sannie - This Way Run This Way! He was so pretty this morning with blue hair and blue PJs


LINK PLEASE! How dare you tempt us and give nothing real away!?!

OH… Duh. The one above! lol

현오! Hyunoh? He’s not part of ATEEZ. hmmmm- Wait! Oh! That’s Sparkling. I… hmm… forgot that show’'s name. It is here on Viki… Let me go look it up.


It’s an interesting Viki bug that copy and paste of English URLs show up in Spanish.


Hahaha! Veins are one of my tropes too! So sessy!


Wookie Wookie Wookie!

Watching K2 with @my_happy_place
UM - Hottie Posse Fan Service GALORE! OMGosh!

Wookie LoveFEST 2021


See! See! I KNEW you’d like it if you started watching it! He is sooooooooo HOT in that drama!!!





I loved his track suit and when he walked through the building sweating and everyone drooled! That’s me! :drooling_face:


Totally Illegal


Hello gorgeous!!!




I just HAD to add Gangster Wang to the Hottie Posse :sweat_smile::heart_eyes::sunglasses:


Ok… We need a BETTER picture of Gangster Wang. lol