My Love from the Star - discrepancy?

I just started watching this show - like it so far. But there are only 31 episodes here on Viki but on imdb it’s suppose to be 55. Any one who knows why there is such a discrepancy?

Don’t know for sure but often the length of the episodes are adjusted to standard between 45-60 minutes an episode. That would be an explanation at least.

Ah that might be it. I have never seen this difference before so I just thought there were episodes missing.
Thank you Lutra :slight_smile:

Don’t react to the “onbet789” comment above, looks fishy to me.

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It’s spam and I have already flagged it. Are there any moderators that check posts that have been flagged or do I need to report it somewhere?


Already reported and account has been deleted.

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I’ve seen the original Tagalog version and they cut out a bunch of scenes esp with last half. You have to make assumptions based on some parts. If they needed to cut scenes, should have been some of those boring investigations / police officer ones.

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I finished it a while back and was able to follow the storyline so if they did make cuts it didn’t take anything away from the flow of each episode.