***My Love From the Star***

I know this page : ) I am on tumblr too haha and I am making my own pics and memes . But thanks anyway , I love it : )

Awesome drama so far !! ^ Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode :smiley:


Episode 7 is there !!!


OMG the end of episode 7 was:


omgggg i will watch it now

I am like that


Totallyyyy OMG each time i think this drama can’t get any better… it gets way better xp… i need tomorrow’s episode!!!

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I think this episode might be the best so far. Seeing Do Min Joon’s feelings for Song Yi bloom, getting more and more confortable around her is really touching and makes for so many cutes/omg/feels moments.


The “couple dispute” between Do Min Joon and his buddy the Lawyer was adorable and totally cracked me up. As well as this:

By the way, am I the only one feeling that Do Min Joon might end up becoming human? Could his body changing because of that first kiss…


I was thinking the same when I seen one part of episode 7 it totally clicked in my head, could this be happening,

Ooohhh I’m hoping that would be the case so we can get a happy ending! \o/
13 episodes more to go until we know (unless they extend it).

Well I hope so … If not, then this drama would have a crap ending and I seriously I don´t want that…

This is one of the best couple so far, Song Yi is so funny and Min Joon seems “cold” but he is cute inside hahaha i’m waiting for the eng subs for ep 8 :D

OMG Episode 8 tops all the episodes so far xp
I watched it without subs and i am melting…
The chemistry between these two is just great!!

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Totally agreee … If you start screaming while watching a drama: It´s awesome hahahah


Hahahahah totally!!! : D Fist drama that i want to watch over and over and over again ;p

That episode 8…

So much feels, i’m trying to recover


ME after episode 8

I know what you mean … It was awesome … Bu I am so scared because of his vision or what that was

me after realizing that the man I love is kissing another women


I wanna post that kiss T-T Would that be Spoiler ?

I think you can post it now it’s not a spoiler anymore :wink:

Lol i am to stupid to create that as a gif but I think that´s also good haha

Edit: OMG his ears :o Is he embarrassed , that would be soooooooooooooo cuteeeeeeee T_T