***My Love From the Star***

I’m creating this topic about the drama following Heirs: My Love from the Star.

I hope we can discuss opinion, episodes, impressions as the drama progresses.

Personnaly, I’m really impressed by the quality of the show so far (all 6 episodes) and it’s the best thing from korea that I have watched since the last two years. OK, I know six episodes might be a bit early to say so but the tight plot, the caracter casting and perfomance, the photography, music…It already stands out from all I have watched (Master’s Sun not too far behind). So what do you guys think?


amazingly brilliant. it might be my favorite too.
the actors are amazing especially the female lead. I’m loving it

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Agreee it’s a amazing drama and it’s with only 6 episodes already one of my favorite dramas. I hope the end won’t suck so we won’t be disappointed.


this is a reaaally good drama! i love both the male and female leads, they’re very funny LOL i’m looking forward for the other ep ^^

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Btww can we post our favorite scenes quotes and memes ? Haha that would be awesome i think. There is good material in this drama

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yes of course! I’m thinking about posting some pics from my favorite scene but i have yet to choose one, every episodes so far is my favorite lol

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That’s why i will post so many hahaha this is totally my place

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When I first started this drama, I didn’t have any expectations but it sure surprised me! The plot is pretty interesting so far and not to mention Kim SooHyun!!! laksjdf the feeels. I dieee during the shower scenes!!

I’m already hooked on this drama.
But what shocks me is Why didn’t I star watching it from the start since it was being advertised everywhere!

Okay I will start

<img src="//0.viki.io/2317fa860804f449f7f8dbb99f2cbbbabe8335b79604.jpg?o=c" width=“500”


Doesn´t matter. Important is, that you start watching it hahaha

This drama is soooo great!!!
The 2 main leads are just amazing and the script is very well written… it’s been awhile since i watched such a good drama!! can’t wait for wednesday!!

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@dramaaaaa these picture are just awesome!!! xp


hahahaha thanks sweetie I will continue
I can´t wait till wednesday, such a good drama T-T

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****** Girls only two days before this week episodes Awww Yeahhhh *******


hahahahahahhahahah omggg I love this girl so much

Me, everytime Kim Soo Hyun appears on screen:


Loved every gif! Thank You for posting them.

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you´re welcome !! Haha I’m happy that you like it

There are also some really funny scenes from the drama: http://lol-viki.tumblr.com/ You should check it out.