****My Love from the stars OST *** what's your favorite?

LOL yes! go ahead girl! snap them fingers!

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Along the songs I like “Hello” and “Every moment of yours” the most. The instrumental pieces are amazing as well.

One of the best doramas i saw in my short life. hope make friends hereee

Guys, I know that it’s a bit of an old thread and yet, I will try to post it here.
I really love the soundtrack from “My Love from the Stars”, especially instrumental music…I got the whole official CD, however…I notice that quite a lot of music is missing on that CD. That is, the music can be heard in the series, but is absent from the CD. Does anyone have any clue as to how to get hold of those ‘missing tracks’?

I am sorry i have no idea but
@auroratasya didn’t you get the CD as well ? And you are basically the best informed one out there when it comes to my love from the stars. Do you know sth to help her ?

Thanks a lot for trying to help me, ‘dramaaaaa’. :slight_smile:
My guess is that probably some of the music wasn’t written specifically for the series and was borrowed…that is why it didn’t make it to the official CD. In which case it’d be nice to find out if it got published at all, in some other format. But then again a couple of tracks that are commonly heard throughout are clearly variations of the themes that ARE included on the CD. So it must have been written for the series. So it’s still a mystery why they were not included.
Also, most of the music featured during the Joseon sequences is missing from the CD. Why, oh why? :frowning: