****My Love from the stars OST *** what's your favorite?

Some Instrumental

No. Song Title Artist

  1. Man From Star (Opening Title) Various Artists
  2. Back to the Present Various Artists
  3. Cliff Tension Various Artists
  4. Star Bach Comic Various Artists
  5. Dark Fantasy Various Artists
  6. Past Love Various Artists
  7. Star Comic Pizzicato Various Artists
  8. Dream Scenery I Various Artists
  9. Dream Scenery II Various Artists
  10. Mocha Comic Tension Various Artists
  11. Tears In Minuet Various Artists
  12. Missing You Various Artists
  13. Beethoven Revolution Various Artists
  14. Killing Tension I Various Artists
  15. Killing Tension II Various Artists
  16. Welcome to Earth Various Artists
  17. Stars Comic Tension Various Artists
  18. Waltz With Star Various Artists
  19. Stars Love Mambo Various Artists
  20. Space Love Various Artists
  21. Run Away (Ending Title) Various Artists

I just took the necessary ones but if you like more intrumental above is the list =)


Dark Fantasy


Beethoven Revolution


Dream Scenery


Tears in Minuet


Welcome to Earth


Space Love


Back to the Present


Past Love


Waltz with Star


Missing You


Man from Star

Ost Part 1: My Destiny


Ost Part 2: Like a Star


Ost Part 3 : Man from the stars


Ost Part 4: Goodbye


Ost Part 5: I Love you


Ost Part 6 : Tears Falling like today


Ost Part 7: Every Moment of yours


Ost Part 8 : In Front of your house


  1. My Destiny LYn
  2. Like a Star (별처럼) K.Will
  3. You Who Came From the Stars (별에서 온 그대) Younha
  4. Goodbye (안녕) Hyo Rin
  5. I Love You JUST (저스트)
  6. Tears Like Today (오늘 같은 눈물이) Huh Gak
  7. Every Moment of Yours (너의 모든 순간) Sung Si Kyung
  8. In Front of Your House (너의 집 앞) Kim Soo Hyun
  9. Every Moment of Yours (너의 모든 순간) (Piano Ver.) Sung Si Kyung

Enjoy !


Thanks I LOVE the OST especially the instrumental :smiley: might just get the album when it comes out :smiley:

Oh thank you sure you are the sweetest

Pree! It’s out already in Korea, I saw some pics from fans who got it today.
International, released on Feb 28th.
Pre-order here: http://www.yesasia.com/global/you-who-came-from-the-stars-ost-sbs-tv-drama-2cd-dvd/1035194121-0-0-0-en/info.html

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I think my favorite ost is th “Yi hwa/Joseon” theme. Always give me goosebumps

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Good idea haha hmm I love all but I really like that dangerous instrumental I think it was dark fantasy

Awwwww thanks

Nothing to thank for sweetie =)

I love the instrumental and everything so I thought I could share it with you guys =)

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About three to four weeks till it’s in my grubby paws.

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Love love LOVE I’m tempted to get it also!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I loveeeeeee “you are my destiny” sooo much im not even kidding. no matter how many times i heard it, it was never annoying to me. like erm… this one:

why did it remind me of this kind of song? :

haha i liked that song but not when it showed up a bagillion times. still liked heirs though. but anyways, LOVIN THIS OST!


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hahahahahhahahaha my best friend watched heirs and every time she is at my house she is saying " lets listen to love is the moment " and I am like NOOOOOOOOOOO and then I have to and we both have to sing it the whole they even though we hate that song.

LOLOL wow haha she must really love that song!

this is how u guys must look xD


I found it on itunes :smiley:

hahaahahahahahahah exaaaaaactlyyy

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Hahahahahah but actually… she doesn’t like that song hahaha she just wanna annoy me with it

I have a very nice best friend right ?=D

HAHAHAHAHA awww she loves you xDD hehe

hahahahahahha love her tho. She understands me and she supports me in everything I am doing. Even talked about the final of MLFTS because i was so sad that its over

She was just like

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LOLOL exactlyy. well, at least she ACTS like she understands. thats a good friend that she tries HAHAHAAHA

hahahahahahha I know right haha

better than the one who said that she is scared that I am doing all this

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