My Story For You: The 2018 CDrama that 2019 Viki Needs

Recently I’ve been watching a show called “My Story For You”, and being a literature and computer science lover, I have yet to be disappointed. And thus far I am fully convinced this is a show that Viki needs, and the viewers would love. If everyone on Discussions went and requested this show, I really hope that Viki would finally add it!

The acting is amazing, and the storyline is even better. Starring Zheng Shuang and Luo Jin, the show is adapted from a novel of the same name, written by Tang Jia Sanshao; one of the most prominent Chinese internet writers in history. He wrote the novel about himself, his wife, and his rise to success from the very bottom of the industry.

That’s one of the absolute best things about this show: Spanning 17 years of history, it’s based off of a true story.

Via Wikepedia, the following is the novel’s summary, and it of course pretty much applies to the show as well:

"In 1998, Zhang Changgong gets his first taste of success as a developer in an IT company. At the same time, he meets and falls in love with Li Muzi, a kind and intelligent university student. Unfortunately the IT industry soon faces an economic crisis, and Zhang Changgong is left unemployed. With the help of his friends and family, Changgong faces the challenges head on, and eventually becomes a top-selling author.

To court her, he wrote 137 love letters in a year, exceeding 1 million Chinese characters. To guard her, he created 16 novels with more than 40 million words, working a wonder of internet literature. This is the love story that unfolded for 16 years already between Tang Jian Shao and his wife."

This is one of the trailers that Youtube has:

Dramalist profile:

The Viki channel:

Where to request the show:

Please do so if your interested in seeing this show on Viki!!!

~Sarah Zenona


I, too, enjoy writing poems and stories of love, so this one has really piqued my interest. I admit that I’m not really a Cdrama fan, but it would be nice to have it on Viki, of course.