My topic ? writers where are you?

I am a frustrated writer, wanting to start writing again, and its one of my resolutions for this coming year,

so I thought that just maybe some writers would gather and give some hints, ideas etc to each other. I know we don’t want to stop watching our dramas, but thought this would be a good idea for us

  1. describe a butterfly in your own words

2 you just met an alien tell us about him/her

3 little people! magical people!

4 I am 5 feet tall, I got close to a basketball player, hes like a giant, describe your encounter

oh well its a thought, if no one responds , I understand.


Hi, I’m an aspiring writer. My goal for next year is to finally finish my first novel. I usually write in spanish, but your ideas sound interesting.

  1. It’s like a flying flower, free and beatiful with petal like wings, and colors so bright they demand to be seen.

I am not a writer, specifically, but I do live literature and all.
So, here are my opinions:

Butterfly - an insight to colors, lover of flowers, roaming around every place, never to be caught - loves to enchant human. Just imagine yourself a butterfly, dressed in beautiful colors, kissing every flower in the garden. Delighting in the beauty of the butterfly, how amazing would it be to consider all the problems and difficulties this beautiful insect has gone through to attain the beauty it reveals. To catch a butterfly and make it love you is as difficult as to seize the fragrance and to hold the moonlight in hands. But how cruel is heart-enchanting butterfly. It loves the flowers only when they are in their blossom; it abandons them when they fall to the ground to be rotten. Have you ever seen a butterfly dying? The death of a butterfly is like the death of all the pretty delicate ambitions and desires. Soft, delicate, loved, and graceful…

Once, I met an alien. The strange being with dark eyes and odd physiology. I was enchanted to meet the alien, to see how amazing creatures can I find around the universe. Thinking about how there are different creatures with different existing patterns. I was wondering about how the alien would have survived among everything, their culture, their civilization, their history, everything. Or do they even have these things which I as a human being takes for granted? My encounter with that odd creature made me realize how I am and what I am. Born as a human being, with society, culture, civilization, history, arts, and relatives, I was wondering how that alien has been living alone without a home, without a family, without the food that we need. Or, should I even feel pity for him? What if he is not in need of it? At that moment, I resented every thought which I had living among humans to turn into another creature. Living without no feeling feel to me like living without my own self. I decided not to meet that alien again and to live my life as I have been born.

(I know my answers are pretty childish and pretty I don’t know what to say, but these are my answers. Take your time to read them…) I am not a writer anyway, so I don’t know what and how I was supposed to write :smiley: :ok_woman:


lovely messages from you all in this topics. Maybe be intuition may have bring me here, 'cause i had have never put my nose (too frenchy expression ? ) in this part of Viki.
So frutation and writing i know about it :slight_smile: We can talk about if you want

Love the butterfly idea and the developpement from @weawingadrem. (Sorry i dont know how to put an anchor so that you will be notify for my quote)

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now thats what I am talking about!! the butterfly carries 1. angels, 2 faries and other heavenly things, yeah the dragon fly as well.

so see? we got some writers here!

remember “my love from the stars”? "my girlfriend is an alien? they looked human!! I call this one but its not the right name, Lord fox, a fox alien came to earth, he looks human,found it

and no answer is foolish!! bring them on.

I walked in a nearby wood, I came across a leprachon (or what ever in your country) tell us what happened?

and so many more. feel free to add yours as well

so y’all don’t keep hidden, lets also have fun with this

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Hi. first of all, happy new year. Indeed you made a great decision by choosing to keep up writing in this year as well. as they all say “consistency is key to success” I believe it will work for you too. May the rays of sunshine brings bright ideas if you are a morning person :wink: and may there always will be a light to guide you if you are a night owl :sweat_smile:

I am not a writer. but the topics you suggested are quite interesting. I will give it a go maybe tomorrow.


Sorry, plot /propositions to much clasical for me… but i will read you all.
Have a nice 1srt week :slight_smile:

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heres another, oh my! just met one of my favorite actors!! they are so cute in person, and very polite(this is my imagination) these actors and actresses are my kids ages, so they may look at me as a “grand ma” anyway, describe the encounter. on my he is 6 foot, I am 5 foot, a tall fella!! aI asked him a bunch of questions about his life, his goals and yes his beliefs. and what so amazed me he was courteous,
and his eyes, so hyptnotic, just like in the drama he is in. still looks alien to me I told him that, and he said thats my ancestry, but don’t tell anyone… I also mentioned I was a genealogist, he knew what I meant, and his eyes acted very interested, you know I had to put family research in this some how!! hehehe:heart alien wow!!!:alien:

I was casually walking into the streets of XYZ city, thinking about the latest reports of forensic genetic genealogy. The privacy implications of this specific genealogy was keeping my mind in a continuous train of thoughts. Direct-to-Consumer Companies, the Fourth Amendment, the Violation of Privacy… Ah! My mind was going blank thinking about it. I had been keeping myself on toes just thinking about it. Ah… But, what can be done now? I have lost the count of sleepless nights thinking about this topic. It is my habit to be worrying about a slight thing for years. Or, maybe I should listen to a the song XYZ by the actor and singer XYZ. Oh… Thinking about XYZ… how many days have it passed since I last watched any drama of his? . My pathway lead me to a public park. I found a bench, and just when I was about to sit, the bones in my body ached as if they were about to break. Oh… This old age! I ridiculed at my own statement. I was growing old, and it was becoming a common thing to listen to the cracking of bones. Maybe, I should increase the normal dose of calcium. I put the thoughts on the further time. As an ice-cream vendor passed by, I called out to him and asked her my favorite flavor, which never forgot to remind me of my childhood. Now, everything is perfect. A shady tree, ice-cream, and my mobile phone. I quickly turned on my mobile phone, and searched for the latest drama XYZ of the actor XYZ. Oh, the suspense in the drama thrilled me. Where is the plot going on? Who might be the culprit? What is the protagonist’s next step? Oh… these dramas and the sensation they create in me. The 1-hour episode ended, and it was nearly sunset. So, I think it is better to continue on the drama at home. For the last time, I glanced at the already-released number of episodes. Just 5. Out of 16 episodes, just 5 are released. How will I wait for the further episodes after the completion of these mere 5 episodes. Ah… The wait I hate the most. The cliff-hangers at the end of each movie. Ah… It’s time to go home. As I was about to stand up, the darn knee pain made me sit again. Ah… I screamed.
“Are you O.K.?” Someone asked me.
I jerked my head at this sudden voice. The moments seem to froze in front of me. Is it my favorite ‘human being’ actor XYZ. It is a dream. My darn imagination. Hallucination. Right, it must be hallucination. I am growing old, and these kinds of things must be common in old age.
“Are you O.K.?” The voice range beside me once again, this time a little more worried.
I scanned him thoroughly with my two eyes. The height of 6 feet. Dark Black Hair. The Honey-Colored Eyes. Glossy Lips. Cheeks red like apples. Is he the one I think he is? Oh… I decided to give voice to my thoughts.
“Are you XYZ”? I asked him in a quivering voice, full of dreams, hopes, desires, and of course, fan love.
“Oh, yes. I am. But, are ‘you’ O.K.?” He passed a worried glance and I was again frozen in the time.
(“Oh, his eyes…”), I thought in my head, (“they never fail to hypnotize me.) I kept on looking at those beautiful pair of eyes, hypnotizing me as I was entering a world of romance with me.
I suddenly came into the world of reality. XYZ seemed to be startled. I passed an apologetic smile. He returned it with his own ‘charming’ smile.
“I am O.K.! Thank you though!” I said while my embarrassment and emotions were going high-rise.
He sat beside me. “The sun-set is beautiful today, right?” He said while settling by my side.
“Oh, yes! It is. Though, the sun-set is always beautiful. It is like the sun is finally finding a place to rest after shining over the world the entire day. I like it when the sun sets and spreads its happy rays over the sky and even the clouds get so enchanted that they turn themselves in the color of the setting sun. It is always beautiful…” I put a break to my words as I saw him watching me with an pleasant astonishment.
“Oh, I am sorry! I think I have said too much. Sorry, please.” I looked down on my hands and looking down, I realized that my phone was still turned on. I quickly turned off the phone and looked into the sun, avoiding his gaze. He must have known by now that I am one of his biggest fan.
“Well, I like your thoughts, grandma”. He said after a while.
(“GRAND-MA”!!!) My brain went into a blank state for a moment, and returned with a ridiculing one the next moment.
“I mean, I know that I am old, but you don’t have to call me a grand-ma. Or, yes, it would be nice to called a grand-ma. But, it really makes me feel old. You see.”
My words were scattered. And, I felt deep embarrassment when he laughed over my words. “Oh, yes. My mistake”, he said, “then please let me know what should I call you. Aunt??”
“Oh, yes. You can call me aunt.” I said. My embarrassment was still nowhere to be hidden.
('He is brutal with his honest remarks.”)
He sighed and went into a deep silence. I had no other things to say, and I was so nervous to say anything, that I, too, chose silence.
After some while of 5 to 7 minutes, he asked me: “Should I drop you by your home?”
“Oh, no need. Thanks though. I will just sit here for a while in this peaceful environment.”
“Oh!”, he remarked.
“But, why are you here? Aren’t you in the middle of your shooting?” I gathered my courage to ask.
“Yes, I am busy. We are filming just around this area. I wanted to have some peaceful moments, so I passed by here and met you.” While saying “you”, he looked towards me. I had to avoid his gaze to not being hypnotized.
“To be honest, I miss my home. Seeing you here reminded me of my family members”. He said after a while.
“Oh, I see. Then, if you are missing your home, you can talk to this ‘grandma’ about your family members. I have a vast heart, and I think it would be enough to listen to your stories.” I asked with a courteous smile.
“Well, my home is far-far-far away. I don’t know what to say. I believe that you would be able to accumulate my stories in your heart, but I don’t think if your mind would be able to understand my stories.” He said looking in the distance where the sun had finally set, and the second-star had made its appearance in the sky.
(“Far-Far-Far Away. Is he really an alien, like the character he played in the drama XYZ?”) I slightly laughed at my own thoughts.
He looked at me. His gaze questioning the reason of my laugh.
“Oh, don’t mind me,” I said, “when you said that your home is very far away, I was just thinking about the drama XYZ. I never understood that how a ‘human being’ can get into the role of an alien in this much depth. I really thought you were an alien.” I said while ridiculing my ownself.
He stayed silent and frozen for a while. Then, a smile appeared on his lips.
“Oh, I see.” He said in that fantastic tone.
“Right? I must be crazy to think that you are an alien, when you look like a perfect human to me.” I said.
“Right? Right?” He said.
He again went into silence, and this time, his silence was tickling something in me, like there was some peculiar thing in this silence of this time.
“Ah, I feel a little bit uneasy.” I put my thoughts into words and presented them in front of him.
“Well, earlier, you said that your heart will be able to listen to my stories. Does this still holds true?” He asked.
“Oh, yes.” He said in a tone mixture of curiosity and acceptance, “You can tell me anything, and I will take your secrets to my grave.” I gave him a polite smile.
“Oh, then, my first secret…” He cut through his words. I was becoming impatient. Why didn’t he complete his sentence. “Guess about it.” He gave me a challenging gaze.
“This is cheating”, I exclaimed. “Alright, your secrets. Your First Secret. Let me guess it. Oh, you are secretly in love with the actress XYZ. I saw the eyes with which you look at her, whether in your dramas, or reality shows. Am I right?” I put forward my guess and asked for his opinion.
“No, you aren’t right”, he broke all my expectations.
“All right, so I am not that much able to guess about the secrets of people. Just put forward it.” I gave up.
“Well,” he said, “I AM AN ALIEN.” He said, pasted a smile on his lips, looked at me with teasing and a little bit challenging eyes, as if anticipating my next action.
(“ALEIN”, he said Alien. What is that supposed to mean? Does it means what I think it means?)
“You must be ridiculing me. What are you? Ah… I know I am old, but you don’t have to play these tricks on me.” I exclaimed with a mixture of angry and ridiculous expressions.
“I knew it.” He said, as if he had won a chess game through the king while working on his queen.
I passed a glance at him. What did he say, again? An alien? Is he really an alien? Really? An Alien? All kinds of thoughts went through my head, and my heart kept on telling me to believe his statement.
“Are you really an alien?” I asked with a tone that was clear in demanding a further explanation.
“Yes, I am. Being an alien is the same to me as being a human being is to you. You know, ancestry.” He said while smiling.
This was the moment when I realized that he had been smiling the entire time since the start of our conversation. He is so courteous and polite, even in real life.
“Oh, so, you are an alien. An alien not from Earth, right?” I said while still being in the state of disbelief.
“Of course, Earth belongs to human beings. We, aliens, have planet XYZ as our home.” He said.

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“Oh… Then why are you here?” I said in sheer astonishment. How can an alien be on the Earth?
“Well, we, aliens are very peaceful”, he started, “But humans are not. We had been living on our planet since ages, and never even once we thought of taking over another planet. However, I don’t think so that the humans share the same opinions as us. They have been sending rockets and spaceships to our planet, resulting in deteriorating health conditions there. Many of us have been perished. In order to protect our existence, many of us took the form of humans and came down to the Earth. Our planet XYZ is about to be destroyed. It is hard for us to live there.” He said, his tone was becoming more sorrowful. I felt bad for him. Really, we humans just think about our own achievements, ignoring the other creatures that become a victim of our actions.
I wanted to say sorry to him, but I knew my words were not enough. And, what should I even say to him? There were no words to console him. I put my hand on his biceps, and went into silence.
He looked at me and said: “Oh, I did not want to make you feel bad. Of course, not every human is the same. It isn’t like that you knew about my existence before I told you. You see, it is just a matter of ignorance.” He said in that worried tone which made my heart shiver at the thought of how polite and considerate was he.
“I knew,” I said in a weak tone, “I know that it is a matter of ignorance. I am just bewildered that how the mere ignorance of us human beings can result in such deteriorating outcomes, even killing the entire race of a creature, just because we don’t know about their existence.” My tone became a little angry at the end. Seriously, how can humans do it?
“It’s alright, now. Earth is a better place too. And, you guys are so much fun. Like, little did I know that I can fake my feelings to be on the camera; acting. There is no such thing as singing on our planet. But, humans really have amazing things.” He smiled.
“Right, we are amazing though; we are ambitious.” I agreed.
“Right!” He said.
“Well, then I am going to take this secret of yours to my grave. Isn’t this what I am supposed to do?” I asked him.
“Yes, please do not reveal my identity.” He said like making an application.
“Of course. I am never ever going to do it.” I vowed on my soul. I am never really gonna do it. He trusted me enough to share his secret with me. I am never gonna betray his trust.
“Well, it isn’t like you have to vow on your soul. Humans are mortal; only a few of them make to their 100s. Otherwise, you all die. I told you my secret because you are also in your old age. I don’t think you would have time to tell my secret to others.” He said jokingly. Is he ridiculing me? I slapped at his arm in anger. WoW! He is really something else! He laughed at my expressions and looked forward.
Well, I think if he is an alien, I can ask him a good deal of questions. Right? Now is my chance.
“Oh, well…” I was cut in by some sharp voice.
“Actor XYZ? Actor XYZ?” Someone was looking for him.
The voice came near and his manager emerged seemingly angry at how many times he had look for his actor XYZ.
“Well, now is my time to go. It was nice to meet you, though.” He said smiling, and waved me a good-bye.
“Yes. Nice to meet you too.” I gave him a wave. And, he disappeared among the distances.
My questions were left beside me. I was yet in a trance. Suddenly, I felt a cold wind passing through me. Oh, yes, it is night time. I should go back home soon.
Maybe I will meet him someday, even though none of us expressed this hope in their last sentences.

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Well, @frustratedwriter
Here is another piece of my imagination. I know it is pretty long, and I know it is pretty ridiculous too. I don’t know what I was thinking while writing it. Will you believe it if I say that I spent a hour writing this post in one sitting? Really, I am not a writer, but you see…
I don’t expect you to read it all. Just ignore it.

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Very Good one; it took me a while to finish all of it, but I’m looking forward to more bc it was pleasant to read and hopefully we can Even add some more?

weaving a dream!! that was awesome!!!, yes it took awhile to finish it, but was soooo good!! keep it up!

Is the thread still open? Cause, I have another thing to present:

@frustratedwriter, I hope you won’t mind me intruding, and I hope you won’t mind my childish, too-teenager stories:

So, let’s begin:

Little People! Magical People

In a hidden corner of the forest, there lived a community of diminutive beings who possessed a power that most humans only dreamt of. They were the keepers of ancient magic, passed down through generations, and they guarded their secrets fiercely.

Few outsiders had ever stumbled upon their village, and those who did often met with a grim fate. But one day, a traveler with a keen eye and a sharp mind came upon their hidden abode, and their world was forever changed.

The traveler marveled at the tiny houses made of bark and leaves, the delicate gardens that flourished under the watchful eyes of the little people, and the glint of magic that seemed to dance around them like a cloak. She felt drawn to these creatures, who seemed to embody the very essence of the forest.

As she spent more time with them, the traveler learned of their abilities - their power to shape-shift, to communicate with the spirits of the forest, and to call forth the elements at will. She watched in awe as they performed their rituals, their hands moving with a grace that spoke of centuries of practice.

But even as she basked in their magic, the traveler sensed a shadow looming over the forest. Whispers of a powerful force seeking to harness the little people’s abilities for its own gain began to circulate, and she knew she had to act.

With the help of the little people, the traveler embarked on a perilous journey to stop the looming threat, battling powerful foes and navigating treacherous terrain. In the end, she emerged victorious, but not without scars and a newfound respect for the little people and their magic.

As the traveler bade farewell to the little people, she knew that her journey had only just begun, and that the magic she had encountered in the forest would forever be a part of her.


weavingadream, that was awesome!! I don’t mind a bit!! more would be great!

It was a dark, moonless nigt. I was walking with my lantern, was I going the right way, am I lost. the crickets sounded so nice, but am I getting closer to my destination. other than the crickets it was so quiet. nothing was stirring. Then it started turning quiet, a soft breeze blowing, and far away I heard an sound like a cry. the quiet was so defening. I gotta get outta here, theres a fork in the road ahead, maybe I can see which way to go. What next she asked, well we can say one step at a time, donm’t go past the light you are carrying. Got plenty of time. y’know when you get scaerwd you know who to call on. One step at a time sounds familiar doesn’t it?

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Remember, find a need and fill it. I have wanted to write to inspire uplift others. I can do that, even if its on ■■■■■■■■. Just write articles. Just those little things , remember it’s the small things, sand in the cog stops it. So what can I do to be inspirational, uplifting, motivational, give of myself.
Would it be useful, would anyone read it, well I won’t know till I do it. The words “just do it!” Comes to mind. Next is motivation, How, maybe a journal? Whats my trigger? Find a picture
Write about it? Maybe write something about my hobbies, one is crochet, the proverbial worry knot.s Explain about them then write a story, what about genealogy. Oh the stories that could be told! The one about the gggreat grand mother , recently widowed, and traveled say about 500miles to another state, with 5 children under 15. And find info about women traveling in 1870’s what they went through and all. So much more
Uplift, inspire, motivate. That’s my 3 wishes

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Why had I even agreed to this? The lady at the thrift shop had warned me not to get involved. I thought she was just being ridiculous. Of course that creature didn’t exist. It was just a bunch of folktales, nothing to worry about.
Yet, now that I was walking here, I could almost feel it.



loved the addition mirjam_465!