Mystic bar

I really hope this is ok, I know Viki frowns on people saying something about other links, but this one I just have to share!
I have been watching a drama on NF and just finished, all I can say if you want something new & different, this is it. the ending for a change of Kdramas was awesome.

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The story sounded interesting. But the lead is ‎Hwang Jung-eum and, after The Undateables, I have taken a solemn oath to never watch anything she plays in again.


I don’t see a link … :thinking:

She must have done something pretty horrible then.

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I was going to make as a new Topic to add link and request they ask for it to be here at this site. That was in my opinion the most perfect K drama I’ve seen in years FROM beginning to END. The ending was PERFECT. The evolution of the story played back and forth was so in tune and the ACTORS chosen for the roles were so perfect from the strong, submissive to naive and sharp.

I cried so much for both things; feeling sorry and feeling so much joy! This drama deserves an award, and what breaks my heart that it had a low index of viewing even though I couldn’t sleep when the day came to see if it was already subbed on NTFLX (at 10 am on wednesday for my area).

Here’s the link to request this AWESOME drama. So perfect…

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I can only say that that the drama itself was not good even tho I love her acting like “Kill Me Heal Me” or “Secret”.



In my opinion, the only one to blame in there was the writer and the lead actor they put her with to play that role.

The writers are the ones who make/shape the character, and in that specific drama they made her too loud and the ‘‘laughing parts were extremely exaggerated.’’ I saw the ‘‘back scenes’’ were they kept telling her how to do that scene, and she had a look of disappointment (it seems actors are not allowed in that country to give input about how they want to play the character). Worse yet, they really killed the male lead bc he had the most horrible facial expressions, that I couldn’t stand watching him.

I have to add I don’t like him in romantic roles; He doesn’t have what it takes to be romantic. But he’s awesome in dark roles bc he has a strong personality in that department. Don’t get me wrong, he has many dramas I loved from the get go.

Now Hwang Jung Eum is my favorite actress and in my book she’s #1 bc she can play all different roles perfectly in tune with the character. I BET if another male lead was chosen for
‘‘The Undateables,’’ the drama would never have been so bad. I didn’t watched the drama either I started and just couldn’t deal with the whole thing. As a matter of fact, I usually go to see the ending, and I had no interest in seeing the ending at all. (he never kiss the girl and it has to do with his wife) I don’t know if he kissed her here as far as I remember I didn’t see a kiss. But then I saw bits of pieces of some scenes only.

MYSTIC POP UP BAR is not only different but each actor picked for the role, were perfect for it so if you have a chance don’t miss it! I know you will like it too.


ok I am going to hve to see undateables before I say anything. I still thought this was an excellent drama both begnning & ending! and so sorry some of yu didn’t like it.

J have started watching it,“undatables” ok,ok, hope it gets better!!

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