Name my robot vacuum :)

I loved Geum Ja in Clean with Passion for Now ---- so I’m so excited to see that my robot vacuum was delivered today!


I want to see the little guy… :grinning:

Me too!!

When I got home on Friday, all they had sent me was just the base! No vacuum! So I called customer service and they sent another one. It got delivered on Sunday and… just another base!! :rage:

So now I have a third order placed, and hopefully my vacuum will arrive tomorrow. I’ll probably lose my mind if they send me just another base again LOL

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That’s terrible!! I hope they do. File a report and get your money back if they don’t.

Maybe there’s a mailman out there who just has baseless robot vacuums :laughing:
But that’s terrible really. Hope you get it soon ^.^

I would just call your new best friend Geum Ja too. Hopefully Geum Ja will eventually find her way to you.