Name of drama

I was planning to go back and watch the whole thing but for some reason can’t find it on viki again and can’t remember the name. I believe it’s a fairly recent show

It’s a romantic comedy that’s set in the past so it’s also a costume drama.

The storyline was a girl and a boy meet when they are very young and promise to marry. The boy suddenly disappears and when she grows up she still looks for him. She ends up meeting a prince(?) who she falls for but somewhere in the middle she finds the boy and is torn between prince and childhood promise.

(I saw a little of the end - The girl marries the prince and the boy ends up getting stabbed by evil relative I think while saving her)


found it - for anyone interested it was Ive fallen for you


Hi. I’m also looking for a show I watched once but can’t remember the name of it.

I know there is a scene wear the female lead is surrounded by her elders/peers and they demand that she shouldn’t be allowed to keep her martial arts/cultivation. So, in front of everyone and a male lead (love interest?) she destroys her meridians and is helped out of the hall/meeting area by her friends.

It was a great show and I want to watch it again.