Name of Japanese movie

Tried to post it but can’t here are more details that I could remember I’ll try to post it again

It was here on Viki It had a part 1 and part 2 in part one its starts off kinda looks like a documentary first person style filming in front of a school an all girl school the students were introducing themselves then they move onto filming in the classroom they start talking about their grades and how one of the girls being filmed was the star student out of nowhere two girls show up in like kinda ninja looking clothes one had a knife the other a hammer the two girls start attacking them the one with the hammer tells them to attack each other if they don’t they will kill all of them so one girl turns and attack and kill her friend then the star student and her friend the one who killed the first girl start attacking each other the women who was holding the camera comes to the aid and helps one of the girls escape I think they stabbed one of the attackers and they get away in part two it is reveal that the girls who were attacked in part one were bullies and not the nice girls they were pretending to be the girl they bullied killed herself bc they made two men rape her on the roof while they filmed it and threatened her with it by saying they would put it on the Internet… Her friend(one of the attackers in part 1) finds out why she commits suicide and decides to get revenge so she goes on the Internet for help in her revenge to kill the two guys and the girls at school she finds one add saying that they would kill no questions asked and she chooses it and a girl shows up and teaches her in an abandoned warehouse or house she gives her a hammer to practice with and when she is ready they set off they kill the guys first by tricking them with the hammer girl pretending to be helpless they try to rape her but the girl with the knife takes them out easily so the move onto the next which are the girls and the director in part 1 that’s what I can remember it’s been awhile since i watched it but I had it saved so I thought it was there but viki deleted it help I don’t know the name

ADA Vengeance :