Name Some Korean Actors And Actresses You Wish Would Make More Drama

I Would Say Shin Min Ah Nd Lee Hong Ki Nd Yoona Nd Yoo In Na

I want an action drama with Ha Ji Won and Won Bin on the leads. Also, another Gong Yo and Gong Hyo Jin drama.

I hope Won Bin and Kang Dong Won (aawww…Oppa, saranghae) make some more drama.

Then Park Shin Yang and Lee Min Ki as well. :smiley:

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I would like to see Song Seung Hun, IU,Im Yoon Ah & Son Ye Jin

Sometimes you just need to have someone to drool over for 16 episodes hehehe

and I tend to like quirky actresses so I need to see these actresses

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Yes Omg… Iu and Im yoon Ah… And Song Joong Ki…

Jung Eun Ji!!!


Kim Myung-min and Shinwa’s Eric but it looks like they’re both going to be in new dramas soon-ish, so yay!

after My Love From the Stars, I can’t wait to see more of Jun Ji-hyun, she is awesome <3

oops he is Japanese, but when I found out that Mizushima Hiro stopped making dramas in 2009 I was extremely sad

I agree with you about Jun Ji Hyun. I really enjoyed her in My Love From the Stars (first time seeing her)


It’s seems your wish for Rain to return to a drama may come sooner than you think. He is now considering a fall drama. YAAAY!!!

I know, I just saw it! yay! supposedly it’s a melo, not my favourite genre but maybe it’s a sexy melo :stuck_out_tongue:

Lee min ho

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Lee Min Ki. Where are you?!

Park Shi Hoo, Ji Sung and Gong Hyo Jin. -

I hope but i don’t think so :confused: because she accepted to take the role because ksh wanted to and she wants to play more in movies than in dramas. But would be awesome to see her in another drama again.

That news is a bummer. Someone had mentioned to me that KSH and JJH played in the movie, The Thieves. So I recently checked that out. It was a very good movie and she played her part to the hilt… Love to see her in movies as well. Movies or dramas, either one will do for me. I enjoy her

Kim Soo Hyun e Hyun Bin.
There are never enough!!!

i really wish Shinee Memebers Would Make Their Own Drama… Key Opaa!!! TaeMin Oppa!!! Onew Oppa!!! Min Ho Oppa !!! JongHyun Oppa !!!

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Kim Soo Hyun
Kim Woo Bin

Lee Ki-Woo

Yes, please! :heart:

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