Need a new show to watch!

Any dramas you guys can recommend?

For the record, another channel for this show has started working on subs. If you were interested in joining them.

…lol, if you edit your post, my response makes no sense.

But what have you already seen?
(Watch Healer~ <3 I also like Angry Mom for currently airing.)

Are you following the latest ones airing now? If not there are 3 worth watching.
‘Heard ir on the grapevine’ ‘Unkind women’ ‘Falling for innocence’
Recent ones completed now. Healer ‘It’s ok thats love’ ’ Fated to love you’ ‘Kill me heal me’
Old ones. ‘Stars falling from the sky’ ’ Faith’ ’ The moon embracing the sun’ ’ Beyond the clouds’
‘I hear your voice’ ’ I miss you’ ‘Secret’ ‘Secret garden’
If there are any of these that passed you by settle in for a great marathon session.

I strongly recommend Fool’s Love. It has lots of humour, drama and touches a dark topic a bit. Viki only has the license to show it in Latin America + Europe (except France, Belgium and Switzerland) though.
I also recommend Iron man. The show is well made and doesn’t have filler segments of nonsensical plot redundancies etc… Can see it if in the Americas or being a QC.

Another great show that’s airing right now is “The Girl Who Sees Smells”. The premise sounds a little crazy, but it’s a really fun drama starring Park Yuchun (Rooftop Prince) as a police detective.

And after watching Kill Me/Heal Me, I started watching some of Ji Sung’s older dramas; Save the Last Dance For Me, New Heart, and Swallow the Sun. I’m currently watching Royal Family.

Yes indeed I started watching ‘The girl who sees smells’ and it’s really good I love all the twists.

@kaetee. Listen you could spend a whole week just watching all the dramas with Ji Sung and not be disappointed.
I’m really surprised with "Falling for innocence’ aka ‘Beating again’ it’s much better than expected. I don’t hesitate recommending this one.