Need help finding a movie, I think it is Chinese Might be Taiwanese?

I watched this movie or show, I can’t remember, about six-seven years ago when I first started getting into foreign films. I think it was made in China but it might have been Taiwanese, it was for sure not Korean or Japanese just because of the cloths and the architecture. I want to say the movie takes place in Hong Kong but I don’t remember exactly. It was about twin sisters. The one sister is married to her high school sweetheart and lives a very modest life in their apartment. The other sister, I think was a model, lived the high life. She would use men to get them to buy her things. The beginning starts with the modest sister’s husband having dinner with his friend who is asking him for money. The friend jumps out of the window if he doesn’t get the money, so the husband gives in. The modest sister gets angry and either leaves or he does, but she tells him she wants a divorce because he used their savings. The fashionista sister encourages her to go date a higher class man who will provide her a better life. In the mean time, she falls for a guy with a black card. It’s a pretty serious show/movie, I don’t really remember the middle which is why I would like to watch it again. It’s modern day, urban, very nice clothing and it’s shot well. But the sisters were for sure twins because the fashionista tries to trick the husband but he’s always been able to tell them apart. If you know what show/movie I’m talking about, would you please let me know? Thanks.

It’s a 2011 Chinese movie called Love on Credit