Need Help finding a specific Drama (SOLVED)

Hi@all and thanks for even read this :wink:

I search a Drama i watched when starting with Viki/Netflx… and im 80% sure it was a C-Drama.
Im at the point where i watched dozends of Dramas and start mix up scenes from other Dramas in my mind when try to think of this specific one.

The only thing im 100% sure is:
The ML has an older male friend (hes in his 30s), this friend has a sister (the FL, maybe his twin sister). At some point ML&FL begin a relationship the MLs friend (her brother) is not knowing about.

60-80% sure: The friend of the ML (FLs brother) is working as a sort of teacher and the younger ML is a good student of him or a graduate beginning working with him. Also i think the friend of ML is trying to help him find a girlfriend or help him flirt. MLs friend is expirienced with relationships (but still a good guy :wink:)

40-50%: Maybe they are also Neighbors in a Block or the FL temporary live in her brothers appartement.

So if you read all this, not thinking im becoming crazy… thanks for your time and any suggestions.

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Anyone have any idea? :woman_shrugging:t5:


This sounds like Find Yourself starring Victoria Song and Song Weilong.

Here is the MDL link: Find Yourself (2020) - MyDramaList

It’s on N.


I was thinking of the same one.

There is another one but the works don’t fit with the part that you are 100% sure


@ xiaofengcanyue
I think youre right, dont ask me why i skipped this on my search. i try to watch it again to be sure. thanks

@ natyh

Whats the other work you think of? Would be interesting what i was mixing in… and rewatch it too :sweat_smile:

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Now that I think about it, it’s different but she’s in her 30’s I think and they somehow end up being part of the same family (something like that lol).