"Need help identifying this show"

May anyone tell what is name of drama with topic about that: Girl is working with her best friend in her company as manager, after she sow he first university crash is came back after seven year of absent, she quit on her job and apply in company to be with her first crush whom she met on basketball field and still keep ball. But her crush doesnt recogniz eher, and he is suffering becouse his first love is die on accident and he was fault. And another guy is appears and he revealing girls attention, becouse they already met her few times, where she asked some favoure from him. And both guy are competitors on same position on firm. Bestfriend of girl is sister of die girlfriend and she having some with guy. Please help me to find this drrama smiley Thank you

Drama? Korean drama?

No help yet, huh? Is it a Korean drama? If nothing soon you might change the name of the discussion to something like :Can you name this Kdrama?"