Need Some More Recommendations!

So I’ve been watching Kdramas for almost a year now. Needless to say I’m addicted. Thus far, I’ve watched these and rated them as follows:

Stars Falling From The Sky- 10/10

You’re Beautiful- 8/10

Shut Up & Let’s Go- 11/10

Manny- 6/10

Coffee Prince- 9/10

My Lovely Kim Sam Soon- 8/10

Secret Garden- 9/10

Oh! My Lady- 10/10

Mars- 8/10

Personal Taste- 6.5/10

Easy Fortune Happy Life- 5/10

Beautiful Man- 6.5/10

My Princess- 8/10

I Need Romance 3- 7/10

When A Man Loves- 7.5/10

Mischievous Kiss- 8/10

I’m stuck. I don’t know what to watch. Please give me detailed recommendations!!! They would be SO appreciated!!! xx ^^


Based on your list you might want to try

FULL HOUSE version of Thailand
MY QUEEN version of Taiwan
BAD FAMILY (not at Viki)
20’S is a mini drama with I think 4 parts only

These are random recommendations as I do not know your preferences, for once I am sure you like rom com the most and a happy end, so I tried to list some. Hope it helps you in finding the next dramas to watch.

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you should definitley watch these!!! these are some of the best ive seen, i recommended this list to someone else aswell, but they are very similar to the ones you’ve watched, very entertaining rom coms. i will repost:

i would say some top ones that i like that are older (the old ones are better in my opinion. except for i hear your voice. now that one is too awesome for words!! im about to finish rewatching it myself ^ ^ ) these are the best ones ive ever seen. ever.nothing will top. so in no order whatsoever(all romantic comedies. very very funny) (btw ! = the BEST.tho i love them all to pieces.) :

-your’e beautiful!



-dream high!

-dream high 2!

-secret garden (currently watching and LOVING.)

-playful kiss!

-boys over flowers!

-me too flower

-flower boy next door

-flower boy ramyn shop!

-marry me mary!/marry stayed out all night!

-my fair lady

-the suspicious housemaid/housekeeper (not comedy but veryy good and mysterious.sort of thrill puts you on edge)

-20’s! (4 episodes)



-that winter the wind blows! (another mysterious one veryy good)

-coffee prince (one of the best)

-monstar(really great)

-love rain

-my love from the star (newer)

-my princess!

-kpop extreme survival!

-i miss you(kinda tragic in like the 3rd ep. be prepared. but awesome.)

-to the beautiful you! (funny funny funny xD) <---- you might want to watch this one. look it up its like you’re beautiful similar and good.

-lie to me (one of the best comedies)

-shut up flower boy band!

-protect the boss (x.D)

-my name is kim sam soon!

-sweet 18!

-delightful girl choonhyang!

-the man who cant get married (LOL xD)

-ma boy (funny young short drama with 3 episodes)

-hello my teacher [also called “biscuit teacher star candy”

-the greatest love (LOL)

-personal taste/preference

-i hear your voice

(well, thats all i have for NOW on what is some really good popular and classic old ones ppl love. i hope you enjoy them. i think every one of them is fantastic, funny, fun and very entertaining.)

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im sorry that theyre not all detailed, because its too much to write, but im telling you, you will probably love each one of them.

You haven’t watch My Love From The Star yet???
You must watch it if you haven’t! Don’t miss the train ;D

Or Secret Love Affair? (currently airing)

Or… hmmm… Cunning Single Lady?

I just finished Monstar.
Goodness, I was more entertained by the timed comments than the drama itself! LOL
The first female character is one of the slowest (almost dumb, but not really) character I’ve ever watched that made me wanted to wring her neck quite often (like, at least once per episode. hahahahahaha)
I prefer Nana all the way! And that is including her voice.

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The on air dramas are really good and the one who just finished

○ Beyond the clouds ( finished)
○ Bride of the century ( finished)
○ God’s gift
○ Three days
○ Cunning single lady
○ A witch’s romance ( Korean version of my queen)
○ In a good way ( Taiwanese)
○ Angel eyes

Some finished ones

○ Gu family book !!!
○ King2hearts
○ Lie to me
○ Protect the boss ( comedy )
○ That winter the wind blows ( melodrama)
○ The masters sun
○ My love from the stars
○ Faith
○ The Princess’ man
○ The moon that embraces the sun
○ 49 days ( melodrama )
○ Let’s eat ( if you love food :smiley: )
○ Flower boy next door
○ I hear your voice
○ City Hunter
○ Secret

And this movie

○ Love 119, really love this movie


The Greatest Love - if you want to laugh out loud. One of the funniest kdramas out there. Just a heads up though, it has a lot of inside jokes so a fair knowledge of the korean entertainment industry would help out a lot.
Answer Me 1997 - if you want funny with quite a bit of 90’s nostalgia.
Boys Over Flower - if you want eye candy and curious to know what the hype was all about.
Ma Boy - a 3 episode tween romcom. Can watch it in one sitting.
Bride of the Century - has a bit of everything romance/comedy/horror/suspense/action/sageuk/mystery. WARNING: Set aside some time if you’re gonna watch this one coz it’s so addicting.
Scent of a Woman - if you want to watch something inspiring.
I’m Sorry, I Love You - if you want to be depressed.

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well i loved it.NAAANNA!!! i love that girl xD i felt a bit similar (i didnt want to wring her neck lol) but i wanted her to wake up and look at him! well, i personally really loved the show. i think junhyung did a great job and it kept me very entertained. i loved it. i wanted spoiler Nana and sunwoo to have their own official little something that told us they were togeth. tho…


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Lol it sounds weird but it’s true
There are times when I want to cry and feel depressed :smiley:

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thats trueee. but in my case, id rather stay away from that area. thanks. LOL! i sometimes like things that arent too sad but somewhat sad, but there are just some things that i know i myself cant handle. too emotionally weak lol.

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idk, for some reason I am hesitant to watch My Love From The Star. is it really that good?

For me it’s not a top drama in case of the story line, or say the two story lines. But it is enjoyable to watch for the work of the actors, if you are more focused on acting then story line you may have a lot of fun.

This is my top 10 favorite kdramas that i already saw:
1.You’re beautiful (my first kdrama, but still the best one)
2.My love from the stars
3.Good Doctor (if you want sadness but also want to laught a lot you should see it)
4.Cunning single lady ( I started to watch it yesterday and I’m already at the 6 episode, I think is one of the best)
5. Angel eyes ( it’s on air from a few weeks so the episodes aren’t already all, but I just loved it from the first episode)
6.Innocent man
7.Gu family book
8.Master Sun
9.City hunter

These are my raccomandations, take a look, maybe you will find something that you like.
I think “My love from the stars” is a really, really good kdrama.

Yes, it is.
Very very very very recomendation for it.

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-City Hunter
-To the Beautiful you
-My Love From the Stars
-Me Too, Flower
-Marriage, Not Dating (ongoing)
-Hi! School Love On (ongoing)
-Playful Kiss
-Protect the Boss
-My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
-Shut Up! Flower Boy Band
-Boys Over Flowers
-Kpop Extreme Survival
-20’s (Mini Series with Ki Kwang from Beast)
-Flower Boy Ramyun Shop
-Angel Eyes
-Heartstrings (It has Park Shin Hye who played Go Mi Nyu in You’re Beautiful and Jung Yong Hwa who played Shin Woo)
-Lie To Me
-Faith/The Great Doctor
-Heirs (Park Shin Hye and Lee Minho from Personal Taste and a bunch of other shows are in it)
-Bride of the Century
-I Hear Your Voice
Lee Minho is one of my favorite actors, so I try to watch everything he was in. Hopefully you’ll like him too!

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hey have you seen the drama called ‘You’re all surrounded’? It’s amazing and should totally be on that list of yours. Just say’n…

All of recommendations above are great, but I want to recommend one more awesome drama - INSPIRING GENERATION. It’s really good. I’ve already watched it three times. You’ll see a lot of fights, some romantic moments and frendship. This drama is packed with touching moments… I hope that IG become a little more popular :smile:

Fated to love you - Tiwain or Korean version
What happens in Bali - warning - it is dark and intense
Oh my Ghostess
Oh my Venus currently airing
Love cuisine currently airing
Master’s Sun
Birth of a beauty
Glamorous Temptation -a little slow in the beginning but does gets better - currently air

Forsenic Heros - from Honk Kong I think - there are 3 seasons and kind of reminds you of CSI

Love me if you dare currently airing and reminds you of Elementary

Just to name a few :wink: