Need some recommendations

Hey I made this because I need more shows and movies to watch.

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you can watch some of these if u haven’t
boys with flowers
devil judge
doom at ur service
extraordinary you
exo next door
find me in ur memory
her private life
hospital playlist
law school
light on me
love alarm
my love from another star
my roommate
school 2017
so i married
spring is green
start up
the heirs
true beauty
weight lifting kim
welcome to waikki
what’s wrong with kim

holy crap thanks!!

your most welcome and give me some recommendations as well :slight_smile:

Love Designer
Melting Me Softly
How To Be Thirty
Thats all i have sorry :slight_smile:

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We need preferences! What genres do you enjoy? Any actors? Plotlines?

I don’ have any preferences I like to watch anything.

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That’s hard :joy:
Okay, here’s a list of genre-specific recommendations, though dramas like mixing genres…

1. Crime Thrillers

2. Fantasy

3. Rom-Coms

Medical + Military

4. Action

5. Historical

its fine thank you anyways

thank you!!

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No problem and thank you to

What genre do you like I have several collections full of stuff or my MDL list?