New Discussions Moderators!


Hi, everyone!

We now have new Discussions Moderators :slight_smile:

Their main role will be will be to encourage activity and engagement from other Viki users as well as interaction and the feeling of community between Viki users through the Discussions. They’ll also help make sure that users are following the Community & Discussions guidelines and moving around topics to make sure that they’re in the correct forums.

Here’s the list of our current moderators, who you may be seeing a little more frequently around the Discussions:

  • General Discussion - xomachi & alchemicrxn_618
  • Project Board - losingnsense03
  • Subtitling - BeckyK
  • Segmenting - RoxieHar
  • Design & Artwork - solunda
  • Language Learning - siemprebien33
  • K-Dramas - szandra
  • T-Dramas - chanmiga
  • J-Dramas - sara_bom_eonni
  • Music - chanmiga
  • Telenovelas - Ronie12bsj

Don’t hesitate to drop a line and say “hello!” to them :blush:


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